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How to start a naming a business

Naming is a huge thing: No matter which project are working on – the name has to be fitting. There is one problem: A business name has to fulfill several criteria. It should sound great, be easy to remember, and of course be unique.
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Names of Cryptocurrencies

If you invest in cryptocurrencies then you probably think about numbers, the right time for an investment and so on. But there is one thing you may not have noticed before: Cryptocurrencies tend to have unusual names. This is quite surprise because finances are still a very delicate market.
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Sporty Names for Fitness Apps

Tracking, exercise and a workout plan: Fitness Apps help people with getting fit and living healthy. An app like that supports you on different levels. They tend to have easy names that are not really surprising and always show you what you can expect from the app.
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When brand names become generic brands

What do Aspirin, Zipper and Sharpie have in common? All are office supplies, of course. What about Pampers, Labello and Q-Tips? They belong to the hygiene sector. And Polaroid, Goretex and Jeep? Sounds like an adventure holiday. Let's add Dynamite and Plexiglass. Then we look at this long list of terms and ask ourselves: What do all these brand names have in common?
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Five Naming mistakes – and how to avoid them

The idea, the start-up concept or product is is in place, everything is ready to start - and then you "just need the right name" to really get going! But what if no name idea really takes off? Or all the good names are already gone, the comrades-in-arms can't agree on anything, and on top of that, time is running out? We'll show you the five biggest pitfalls in finding a name - and solutions on how to find the right name for your company or product after all.
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The Word Depot - Control Center of Your Name Search

The best place to start your name search is the Word Depot. Here you add the most important keywords related to your project to be prepared for the name search. There are various methods available find suitable words.