A phonetic rhyming tool - what’s behind it?

It’s pretty easy for a person to figure out when two words rhyme. We simply do it by instinct. There is, of course, an underlying rule that dictates when two words rhyme and when they don’t. We just aren’t conscious of this rule. What is easy for a person is, however, much more complicated for a computer: it must learn to rhyme from the ground up.
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Naming Tools for Brands

Brands are an integral part of our everyday lives. As both consumers and entrepreneurs: we trust in strong brands. Brands facilitate orientation in the market and provide security in a consumerist world. We take a look at the phenomenon of brands and give an overview of the most important facts about their names.
Renaming Companies

Changing a company name or brand name - reasons and best tips

RiM* is now Blackberry*, Kentucky Fried Chicken* became KFC*, and the search engine BackRub* changed its name to Google* years ago. But why do companies actually take the effort to change their carefully constructed brand name in the first place? Let's take a look at the reasons for business name changes - also called renaming.
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Creative Names of Ad Agencies

Advertising agencies are creativity factories. They deliver original ideas, invent new marketing approaches and create unique content. But what about the creativity for their own projects? Are the flagships of agencies, their names, just as clever as the work being delivered to their clients?
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Brand Names in China - How to do it Right

China, with its rapid growth and its upper class who are interested in Western brands, is a huge market for international enterprises. Established companies are therefore increasing their efforts to gain a foothold in China. But when translating names into Chinese, one must master some challenges. Here is an overview of the most important requirements for brand names in China.
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Seasonal Basic Names

New Year's Eve: Names for the Turn of the Year Worldwide

All over the world the change from the old year to the new is celebrated once a year. But there is more than just New Year's Eve as a name for it: we take a trip around the globe and to the different names that New Year's celebrations bear.