Wie finde ich so schnell wie möglich einen Namen?

Du brauchst schnell einen Namen? So geht's!

Einen Namen zu finden ist ein wichtiger Schritt und man sollte sich genügend Zeit für diese schwierige Entscheidung nehmen.

Wenn es trotzdem schnell gehen muss und du auf der Suche nach Instant-Namensideen bist, dann probieren doch die folgenden schnellen Namensgeneratoren:

  • Keine Stichwörter eingeben: Fantasierer in den Einstellungen "universal" or "general". Einfach so oft klicken, bis ein schöner Name erscheint z.B. Capia, Venxao, Dioqua...
  • Nur ein Stichwort eingeben: Ergänzer in den Einstellungen als Endung "Fantasie", "Englisch" oder "Deutsch" auswählen. Nur ein Stichwort eingeben, das im Namen vorkommen soll, und der Namensgenerator wandelt es in verschiedene Namensideen um, z.B. mit "web" --> Webixx, WebFriends, WebHelden...
  • Mehrere Stichwörter eingeben: Verschmelzer in den Einstellungen auf "Zwillingsfinder" (1 oder 2 identische Buchstaben). Hierfür brauchst du vermutlich fünf oder mehr Stichwörter, um sinnvolle Ergebnisse zu erhalten, z.B. start + artist = Startist
  • Tipp: probiere die Schnelltools "Namensgenerator kreativ" oder "Namensgenerator Zufall" aus: Hier kannst du eigene Stichwörter verwenden oder einfach direkt auf "Finden" klicken. Schneller geht's nicht.
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Creativity required for naming

Do I have to be creative to successfully use NameRobot?

Even if you think you are not creative at all: The NameRobot Toolbox offers many helpful tools, name generators and hints to find inspiration, ideas and ultimately great suggestions for names.

Operating the NameRobot Toolbox is similar to using a text processing program. The tools are easy to use and are a real pleasure, for new and experienced name finders alike.

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Subscription fees suspiciously cheap

Why are the prices for fee-based subscriptions so low? What is the catch?

Don't worry: there is no catch.

We simply want to enable as many people as possible to find and check the perfect name for their project. This is only possible if our rates are affordable. That's why we developed different memberships so there's something in store for everyone - whether young entrepreneurs or professional users.

We are a small team and we love what we're achieving with NameRobot. This is no billion-dollar-project but rather a bunch of language enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

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Register with NameRobot's Toolbox

How do I register with NameRobot's Toolbox?

Registration with NameRobot's Toolbox is quick and easy:

In order to create a NameRobot account, go to the Toolbox website and enter your e-mail address to register. Alternatively, you can register with you existing Facebook or Google+ account.

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NameRobot memberships

What are NameRobot memberships?

NameRobot is a portal for users in the most diverse of situations when it comes to name-finding. To give our users the freedom of choice, we have developed different types of memberships for NameRobot.

You can choose between the free-of-charge standard membership and different paid memberships or subscriptions. Each membership differs with respect to the included name generators or its duration. You just pick what suits you best.

After a paid membership ends, you are automatically downgraded to the free standard membership "Free", so you will still keep your basic NameRobot account.

Learn more about the tools and functionalities that each membership offers on our pricing page.

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NameRobot prices

Is NameRobot's Toolbox free-of-charge or fee-based?

The NameRobot Toolbox is both: if you like, you can test the Toolbox free of charge. You only have to create an account to gain immediate access to a selection of our tools.

To get full access to all name generators and enjoy an ad-free experience, we offer paid memberships. You can either book a paid membership when registering, or at any given time later.

On our pricing page you can find the right plan for your situation.

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Possibility of refunds

Will I get a refund if I did not like the name suggestions?

With a NameRobot premium membership, you gain the right to access and use NameRobot's name-finding tools ad-free. Regardless of whether you find one or a hundred names with NameRobot's Toolbox, the price will always be the same. This also means that if you cannot find a name with the Toolbox, you won't get any refund.

We will be glad to help you figure out how make the most of the NameRobot Toolbox, though. Contact us under support@namerobot.com if you have any questions.

You can always try the Toolbox for free and without obligation.

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Old NameRobot still available

Can I still use NameRobot's old version?

The all-new NameRobot Toolbox is available online since July 2019 and has made NameRobot's old version obsolete. But don't worry: You can still access the old version of NameRobot.

Simply go to archive.namerobot.com and use all naming tools with the familiar old user interface.

Please note: This version of NameRobot ist not repsonsive and does not work on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

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Old NameRobot – new subscriptions

Can I still subscribe to the old version of NameRobot?

Yes, NameRobot's old version is still available at https://archive.namerobot.com/ and can be accessed in full, just like before.

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Deleting your personal data

How do I delete my personal data from NameRobot?

Use the fast way: you can delete your account when logged in under "Delete user account". Your personal data will also be removed from our system here.

Alternatively, you can send an email to info[at]namerobot.de. Please make sure to only use the email address that was used to create your account at NameRobot as the sender.

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