Acronyms - Find abbreviations and acronyms

The acronyms tool uses the first few letters of your keywords and combines them in different ways. many global companies operate successfully under a name which is an acronym or an abbreviation.

Generate names quickly through abbreviating

The Acronyms tool from the Name Factory creates abbreviations from your keywords that can be used as business or trademark names. Depending on your settings, the letters combined are either the first characters, the first two characters or the first syllable of each word. You will get various types of results with the Random Mix option.

Use this NameRobot tool to see if your name or keywords can be turned into original, melodic acronyms. The advantage: Your name sounds like an invented name, but still contains meaningful elements.

Another approach is to specifically search for abbreviations which in turn carry their own meaning. For example, the name of the entry-level programming language BASIC* stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

Examples for acronyms in company names


Many well-known company and brand names are acronyms or abbreviations. The names of the following companies are abbreviations, for example:


  • AMD: Advanced Micro Devices*
  • SNK: Shin Nihon Kikaku*
  • Texaco: Texas Company*
  • Toshiba: Tokyo Denki + Shibaura Seisaku-sho*

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*The names mentioned above are registered trademarks. They were not developed with NameRobot and merely serve as well-known examples to illustrate certain kinds of names.