Naming E-Scooters: Bird, Lime & Co. Examined Namefully

They are on everyone's lips or at least in everyone's eyes because in cities all over the world you really can't get past them anymore - or even stumble over them: e-scooters. But this isn’t about the question to what extent this new kind of mobility works, makes sense or not, is ecological or simply annoying. Or which scooter is the easiest to drive and has the best brakes. This post is about the names for this new kind of locomotion. E-names - a personal analysis.
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Pun Names - Genious or Ridiculous?

Word games in names and claims are currently very trendy. There is hardly a retail or restaurant chain that does not advertise for customers with a more or less funny word joke. First and foremost the hairdressing shops, followed by restaurants - "Pastabilities" - and needlework shops - "World of Woolcraft". Company and brand names in the business sector are also increasingly playing with words in a more or less brilliant way. What has to be considered and how can one avoid drifting into ridicule or even ending up in lists like the "20 worst pun names"?
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Name Dispute and How to Prevent It

Good names are a valuable commodity — and that is precisely why they often give rise to disputes. Anyone who has a good company name or brand name wants to keep it as exclusive as possible and defends it against similar names that carry a risk of confusion. Such disputes often end up in court and are expensive. What can one do when searching for a name to avoid such a quarrel later on?
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Demon Domain – or how to find an appropriate TLD

For every person looking for names as well as for professional name developers alike, the search for an available domain can increasingly be likened to a demon lurking at the end of the creative brainstorming process, waiting to destroy the best ideas and the nicest names with one strike, or click. Domain taken = idea buried. In today's ever-thickening domain jungle, how can you find the appropriate name for your own project?
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How to decide on a name

A name change is always an exciting process. Whether in small businesses, startups, or larger company contexts, how the “baby” is renamed is an emotional issue that somehow concerns everyone in the company. This makes it all the more difficult to decide on the new name — and the subsequent introduction and acceptance. In the following 3-part series, you will find suggestions as to what you can do to get all decision-makers and employees on board.