Merger - Merge keywords into new names

A name that consists of two (or more) merged keywords is called a portmanteau word. It is one of the smartest methods to generate corporate and brand names. With the Merger, you can find these hidden gems in your naming projects' keywords with little effort.

Similar to the Combinator, the Merger also combines words with each other to generate new names. The important difference being that, depending on your settings, the Merger tool will detect similarities in your keywords and delete particular components of the words, coming up with a range of portmanteau suggestions.

Automatically generate portmanteau words


In the settings of the word merger tool, you can decide how exactly your keywords are to be merged. The number of merged words and the maximum length of a result can be set here as well.

Twin Finder - portmanteau generator


With the Twin Finder setting, the Merger will look for identical letters or letter combinations in two or more words and combine them where they are identical, resulting in portmanteau words. Use the"merge only with 2 identical letters" option for best results..


If you merge winter and internet, you get Winternet; if you merge British and fitness, you get Britness.

Syllable Mixer - rearranges syllables into new names


This setting does just what it says on the tin: the tool cuts all keywords into syllables and arranges some of them to new words. If you enter senator and villa, you may end up with a result like Sevilla.

Letter-mucher - merged words generator


The letter-muncher systematically removes certain letters and then merges the keywords. If you take workout and yoga you will get results like Yorkout. Maybe a name for a fitness center in an English city or in the Big Apple?

By the way: while the Combinator finds approximately 200 combinations with an input of ten keywords, the Merger may provide you with several thousand different results, all made possible by the various settings this name generator offers.

Test the Merger tool now - for free!

Give NameRobot's Merger a try and test it for free. You can perform up to five checks with the tool to see how it works. Enter 2 to 4  words, e.g. group and coupon. Does one of the results seem familiar?

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call the Merger Tool there or test the Words Merger Tool here.