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Recommend one of our successful tools around naming for companies, brands, products, domains, blogs and projects on your website. And earn easily with every order.

Suitable topics and industries

Your visitors will most likely also be interested in our products if your site revolves around one of the following topics:
  • Entrepreneurship, startups, freelance
  • B2B in general
  • Marketing, advertising, branding
  • Trademark law and patents
  • Everything about names, language or writing
  • Idea generation, inventions, innovation, creativity
  • Logo design
  • Software solutions, SaaS and apps

...and other topics - please feel free to contact us.

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To our programs at Awin

Soon we will start our international affiliate program at Awin. You are welcome to contact us in advance if you are interested.

To our programs at Adcell

Find the links to our Adcell affiliate campaigns.

Only in German language at the moment.

Affiliate Program: NameScore

With NameScore, you can quickly check how well a business or other name sounds, which domains are free, and whether there are any trademarks with the same name already.

Affiliate Program: Namefruits

Namefruits is an intelligent name generator for business names and names for projects of all kinds. Without headaches you can find and invent names with the interactive question wizard.

Affiliate Program: NameRobot Toolbox

NameRobot Toolbox is the classic among our tools and offers over 150 name generators and smart tools to find and check ideas for company and other business names.


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