What is NameRobot?

NameRobot is the perfect naming machine. Find out more about why you will find the right name for your company, product or project with NameRobot!

The perfect naming machine

You have a new company, a new product or a new project in the pipeline. Now you need a really catchy name! But how do you find the perfect name?

  • Invent a name on your own? - Too uninspired!
  • Brainstorm with colleagues? - Too tedious!
  • Give the job to a naming agency? - Too expensive!

The solution: NameRobot, the professional online naming software.

Your benefits:

Do-it-yourself naming: You develop your own name, from start to finish - and our naming software will show you how. Because NameRobot is ...

  • ... easy to use: practical browser interface, accessible from anywhere without installation.
  • ... creative: generates different types of names based on your keywords.
  • ... helpful: tips and tricks for all name generators.
  • ... cost flexible: free access, or low-priced one-time access up to the the ultimate business access.
  • ... versatile: for beginner, advanced and professional name finders.
  • ... constantly updated: frequent updates enhance and improve the business name generators.

Who is NameRobot for?

Name Robot is suitable for anyone looking for a name, and thus is the perfect solution...

  • ... for entrepreneurs: find original names for your start-up
  • ... for companies: product and project name develop in an instant
  • ... for agencies: impress your customers with at-your-fingertips creativity

What's behind NameRobot?

Our idea

"A name-finding machine which eliminates all the tedious work with finding a name. Just enter a few related words, press a few little buttons, and be presented with beautiful name suggestions: now that would be something!"

This thought did not let go of Mark, founder of the naming agency Namestorm. What sounds impossible at first glance is already reality - with NameRobot.

Our experience

But where do the rules algorithms come from which are the backbone of NameRobot and enable the name generators to produce an endless supply of new and unique names?

The answer: they stem from years of experience with finding names!

NameRobot's founder Mark ...

  • ... has experience with 500 conducted naming projects.
  • ... supervised start-ups, SMEs, up to clients such as Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank and TUI.
  • ... accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the special services business and product naming.
  • ... developed sophisticated grammatical rules for accurate and individual results.
  • ... wants to share his knowledge with name finders from around the world in an easily digestible form.

Our history

NameRobot's naming software can already look back on a successful history.

  • 2010 - NameRobot goes online
  • 2011 - NameRobot wins: Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2011, Founder of the Month of Financial Times Germany, podium place in the o2 Business start-up competition
  • 2012 - full graphical and technical website-relaunch, finalist in CODE_n competition, registration as an EU trademark
  • 2013 - founding of the NameRobot corporation
  • 2014 - further development of our creative and checking tools
  • 2015 - Namefruits conception
  • 2017 - Flying Names brand naming service launch
  • 2018 - Namefruits launch
  • 2018 - Namescore launch

Our Team

Experts from diverse fields pour their knowledge into the creation of NameRobot. Mark, Marcel and Nina cover the linguistic and creative tasks of the project; Moritz, Henning and Peat, are responsible for graphical and technical implementation of NameRobot's website and business name generators.

This makes NameRobot more than just the sum of its parts. Kind of like a good name.

By the way: NameRobot is available in different languages.

Become a successful name finder, too!

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