Name Generating Software for Business Names

It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up, an agency, or a company: with good online business naming tools, you can easily and quickly find name inspiration for your project. 

Company name generators primarily help to find or invent names for the business sector. But also names for blogs, domains or other projects.

Why is it so Hard to Find a New Name?


Finding the perfect name for a company, a service or any other business is a very demanding task. A little brainstorming at the start is good, but usually, it's not enough.

First, you have to find content-related directions and creative approaches, collect ideas, research, fine-tune and check until the first usable name candidates are found. And even if a great name has been found, that doesn't mean that you can use it. Often the desired domain is already gone or someone has already registered a trademark with the same name.

So the search sometimes takes several weeks or even months. Everyone who has ever looked for a name for something can tell you a thing or two about it. But fortunately, nobody has to despair any more when trying to find a name.

Text Programs are for Texts - Name Generators for Names

Namen finden mit NameRobot

Naming software provides support for finding names. How does it work? Let's compare it to a word processing program:

A word processor helps you create text. The good thing is that not only writing professionals like copywriters, authors and scientists can write and format professional texts. Anyone who wants to put anything into text form can do so with a word processing program. Thanks to built-in aids such as spell checkers and style sheets, anyone can create an attractively formatted text.

And here's the kicker: Just as text programs can be used to bring text into shape, name generators help to develop (or "text") names. And you don't have to be an advertising professional or language genius to do this. Good tools are designed so that everyone can work their way to their desired name in just a few steps. With the AI company name wizard Namefruits, for example, you don't have to do anything but answer questions.

Quickly Find Some Names or Become Addicted?

It is up to you to decide whether you just want to have a few name ideas displayed. But once you've got the taste and discovered the exciting additional functions in the tools, you might not want to stop. This is especially true for those who brood over new names often or regularly:

Creative blockades and teething troubles with a new project are a thing of the past and many useful functions simply make work a lot easier.

Which Name Generator Suits Me?

Just jump directly into the NameRobot Toolbox to try out the different name generators or use artificial intelligence to find names. If you already have first results, check with a click which name ideas are really good.

Below we will reveal what each company name generator has to offer and which tools are best suited for whom.

Word Import Project administration Ideas

The Word Depot - Control Center of Your Name Search

The best place to start your name search is the Word Depot. Here you add the most important keywords related to your project to be prepared for the name search. There are various methods available find suitable words.
Merger Name generators

Merger - The Tool for Creative Name Findings

The Merger is a universal tool for anyone looking for a clever name: It does the tedious work of merging words at appropriate positions in no time. It finds pun names and makes sure to test all possible combinations. Merged words are clevitty and originice.
Agencies Companies Name generators Naming Trademark Check

Naming Tools for Brands

Brands are an integral part of our everyday lives. As both consumers and entrepreneurs: we trust in strong brands. Brands facilitate orientation in the market and provide security in a consumerist world. We take a look at the phenomenon of brands and give an overview of the most important facts about their names.

Naming Tools for Agencies

Manage projects for your customers and generate new ideas at the touch of a button. Read about how to integrate NameRobot effectively into your agency processes.
Business names Companies Company Names Founders

Naming Tools for Start-ups

The quick and easy way to find the right name for your new company. Find out what the advantages of using NameRobot are for people just starting out with a new business.

Naming Blog

Naming Topics Sorted by Categories


The best tips & tricks on how to successfully find company names and other business names: How to come up with creative ideas? How to check whether company names are still available? How do you decide on the best name? In this category we write about all these questions concerning the right company and business name.


Find out the dos and don'ts about developing new brand names and product names. What are promising brand naming strategies from planning to the introduction of the name? Learn how to create a brand name that stands out and can become a successful trademark.

add notes

In this category you will find examples of naming companies in all kinds of industries and on various topics. Learn more about rules and trends for names in your industry or profession.


Are you stuck in the naming process? Does the blank page paralyze you? With our naming inspiration techniques, you can fuel your imagination and get your mind going to generate great name ideas.

team spirit

About powerful name generators and naming tools: tools for word inspirations, name generators from acronyms to artificial names and helpful name checks. In this section, we introduce special naming tools in more detail.


Invented words or descriptive names, acronyms or existing words, or simply crazy-associative names: the possibilities for finding a business name are endless. Let's take a look at the most common name types for professional use.


The most important facts about trademark law, registering a business name and everything else you need to know to secure your new name.

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