Data security made in Germany

So everyone’s been talking about data security and protection nowadays, but showing responsibility in handling our users’ input has always been an important part of how we work at NameRobot – way before Prism, NSA, and the rest.

In fact, many NameRobot users and potential customers have been in touch with us and expressed concern that the NameRobot team could use the portal to gain access to product or project secrets. This is something we do not do.

Now, of course anyone can say that. So we thought you might like to read what we do about data security and why we might be interested in lots of things, but not the details of your projects or ideas.

A few more words about security

We think it is a good thing that our users keep their critical faculties and come to us with their concerns – after all, we won’t find out what is keeping potential users from signing up to NameRobot unless they come out and tell us.

With this in mind, we would like to add to our formal privacy policy with a more heartfelt explanation of how we approach confidentiality: our aim is for you, the user, to find a suitable name for each of your projects and to feel confident about using NameRobot.

What you might like to know

As well as finding out about the technical measures we take to protect your data, it might be a good start for us to assure you that we are a trustworthy service provider – but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Why? Because although NameRobot may well be a young company, its managing director Mark Leiblein has been in the marketing and naming business for a long time now. Since 2005, his company Namestorm has been offering professional name consultancy for entrepreneurs, businesses from a full range of sectors, and big-name agencies. As well as the years of knowledge Namestorm has built up, naming new projects requires guaranteed confidentiality as much as anything else.

“We are always among the first to receive sensitive information about projects and details, and we make sure that this information remains out of sight until things go public. Our customers – from the smallest start-up to the largest concern – have been trusting us with their projects for over ten years now, and without that trust, Namestorm would not be the go-to address in naming it is today,” stresses Mark Leiblein.

None of your data passed on

Please consult our privacy policy to find out in detail about which data we save and what happens to this data. You will also find our promise not to sell your data in this statement.

We can understand your concern here; after all, there is no shortage of big companies who earn money by passing on customer data. What we would like to make clear, however, is that our business model is not based on your data. We finance ourselves from the membership fee you pay when using one of our premium accounts.

Your ideas are safe from prying eyes

We would also like to place special emphasis on that fact that we do not under any circumstances try to gain access to names you have found or your key words in order to use these ourselves.

Since 2009, we have been investing all of our time and energy to improve the NameRobot experience more and more and to make it as easy to use as possible. During this process, we rely on your feedback and also carry out analysis to this effect; this means that we evaluate things like how often each tool is used, which settings are applied, and where error reports occur.

What we are not interested in are the words and names you save – whenever we need more of our own, we’ll just use the NameRobot tools ourselves. :-)

Security using SSL certificatesSSL-com

The NameRobot website is set up to allow the use of SSL certificates (GeoTrust) to communicate between our server and you the user; you’ll see this is switched on because “https” will appear in your URL bar. This 256bit encryption protocol is automatically applied to all personal data, and is also switched on in other areas such as the tools.

If you scroll right to the bottom of the site, you will see the GeoTrust digital certificate, and by clicking on it, you can receive precise information regarding NameRobot’s confirmed status as a trusted internet service.

We think the same way you do

When we’re on the internet – especially in web shops or logging into online services – we are just as critically aware as you are with regard to data protection and security. Personally, we are unsettled by the fact that, even following all of the recent scandals, we still have very little control left about what happens to our data. For this very reason, it is important to us to be recognised as a trustworthy service provider and to always act in accordance with our consciences and to the best of our knowledge, both in technical and commercial terms.

We want NameRobot to become the online naming machine worldwide. We can only achieve this step by step and there’s a lot of work left for us to do, and we can only make it happen with you and all of our other users. That’s why we hope you will continue to trust us and would like to thank you for doing so.

How to contact us

If you would like more information about security and data protection, or just have a question, then please feel free to contact us by filling in our web form or giving us a call on +49 (0) 89 - 23 27 33 10.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.