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Before using a name, think about trademark law. You can find important information on this under Tips on trademark law.

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When you start a business, launch a product or plan any other venture, the name is always one of the most important decisions. Because through the name you express to the outside world what is special about your company. The visitors or prospective customers can find it interesting or deadly boring and in the worst case immediately forget it. Therefore, put some thought into your company name so that it is as brilliant as your business idea! A good company name generator will give you the right inspiration!

Is every name generator the same or are there differences?

Name generators are a dime a dozen. Most of them promise that you will find your dream company name in seconds. You know it, don't you? Of course, that's nonsense and if you believe that, it's your own fault. Just think how hard it is to find a name for a child or an animal. Finding a name for a company is even more difficult. Because it is not enough to rummage through a few lists.

And so, of course, it doesn't help if a name generator throws out any company or product names. But that's exactly what almost all "generators for company names" do. Fortunately, there are providers who take the topic seriously and have built really great name generators!

What should you look for in a company name?

To get you started, we too have developed a super simple generator for company names - and also product names - here. You can discover ideas for your name search really quickly here. In fact, it's so good and fun that you can use it to get a hit.

But once you have tasted blood as a name finder, we have gaaaz great name generators for every taste and every need.

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Questions about the name generator and finding company names

How do I find a company name with the name generator?

Our company name generator is designed to make it easy for you to find names for your business. Depending on your industry, you'll find suggestions for keywords below the input field, which you can click on to quickly explore different name ideas and see which styles you like.
Choosing the perfect name for your business can be challenging, so it may be helpful to start by considering what sets your business apart from others in your field. This unique selling point (USP) offers your customers added value or makes your business stand out. You can incorporate this unique feature into your business name to emphasize it.
Remember that the name generator knows only some details about your business, and some suggestions may need to be revised. If you want to search for a more specific name, then the NameRobot Toolbox or Namefruits is perfect!

How do I find good input words?

It may be challenging for you to find the right keyword to enter the search field immediately. That's why we've provided some keyword suggestions below the input field that are relevant to your industry. Click on one of these keywords to generate name suggestions that include that word and are suitable for your company or project.

How does the name generator work?

Our name generator is designed to be easy to use so you can get started immediately. Enter a keyword and click "Start name search" for a list of name ideas. You can also creatively add or combine words develop new ideas. If you're struggling with a keyword, you can choose one from the suggestions provided below the input field. With every click, you'll see new name ideas.

I can't find a suitable name for my company - what should I do?

The purpose of our name generator is to provide inspiration and show you new ideas and directions for your business name. Suppose you need more help or get stuck. In that case, we have other name generators and tools that you can use to search for names more intensively and individually. One option is the NameRobot Toolbox, which offers a variety of name generators. Another option is Namefruits, which uses an intelligent questionnaire and artificial intelligence to help you find a name that fits your preferences and is available. This tool will guide you through finding the perfect name for your business.

Finding company names - what are the main tips?

Endless advice and opinions are floating around the web, but keep that from putting you on. Our best tip for choosing a company name?
Find a distinctive one! Once you've chosen a name for your business or project, you'll work to make it known. That's why ensuring your name is unique and not already used by another company, brand or website is essential.
Check the domain name's availability and do a trademark search to avoid issues later. A distinctive moniker can also be protected from being used by anyone else. In addition, it's essential to consider how your company name will work in practice. For example, it should be easy for people to understand and pronounce when spoken aloud.
Finally, suppose you're opening a business. In that case, choosing a unique name within your local area is a good idea.

How do I know my name idea is still available?

Great question! It's vital to ensure that your chosen company name isn't protected by any prior rights, meaning that there aren't any other commercial offers with the same or a similar name. The first step is to do a thorough search engine check. Type your name idea into a search engine and see what comes up. If there are already companies or products with that name, be cautious. However, more than relying on search engines alone is required. Even if you don't find anything, checking company registers, trademark databases, and domain availability is still a good idea. You should also check to see if your company name is already being used on social media.
How do I do it all? Luckily, helpful tools will take care of these checks for you. In the NameRobot toolbox, in addition to a name generator for every conceivable style, the control center offers an entire section just for name-checking.
If you research thoroughly, you're already on the right track. However, speaking with an expert, such as a startup consultant or a trademark lawyer, is still recommended to ensure you've covered all your bases.

Is anyone allowed to have a company name?

It's a common misconception that solopreneurs or freelancers cannot use a business or made-up name. In fact, there's a distinction between a "business name" and a "company name." Only companies registered in the commercial register can use a company name.
However, all other businesses, self-employed individuals, and freelancers can use creatively modified names or a freely invented name as their business name. But it's important to note that the first and last name must always be included on business letters and in the imprint to clarify that the business name is not a "company" legally.

How can I find a product name?

Good news: Searching for a product name is similar to searching for a company name. The company name search often takes longer, as it represents all the products or services you plan to offer now or in the future. As a result, the decision for a company name is often more important than a product name.
When searching for a product name, it's essential to consider whether it can be expanded or limited as your company grows and develops. Choose a unique name that can stand independently rather than being too closely tied to a specific product or service.

What exactly can the name generator do anyway?

Name generators are a dime a dozen; most don't deserve the name. Many are only offered to sell you paid services. Our company name generator has much more to offer: it provides suitable keywords and creates name suggestions differently, such as adding words or suggesting different word combinations. If you find your dream company name using this generator, great! But if you need more help, we have more advanced generators that allow you to customize settings. The company name generator on this page is just a taste of the powerful tools we have available. You can find links to these additional resources and other valuable tools, like Namescore, an automatic company and brand name checker, at the bottom of the page.

Who or what is behind the company name tool?

Neither SEO-Fuzzies nor a large web shop provider is behind our name generator. We are NameRobot, a startup working on generating and checking great names for founders and companies since 2010. With this special offer, we are unique on the web. Not even Google can do what we can ;-)

What makes our name generator better than other tools?

That one's easy: Almost all other generators throw out more or less random names, some of which make no sense.
We work hard to ensure our tool generates excellent, relevant ideas. This is still in progress because name generation and natural language processing involve language(s), grammar, topics, and personal tastes. But we're getting better all the time! :-)