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Being creative: names for DIY blogs

Sewing, crafting, knitting – craft-based hobbies have long since shed their dusty image. Indeed, they’ve actually become quite trendy, and many women earn good money by providing sewing patterns or writing blogs. Undoubtedly, they have built a large community that inspires many kindred spirits on a daily basis. A glance at their blog names shows that blog owners mostly opt for clear and straightforward names.
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Inspiring names for food blogs

To eat in order to satisfy the hunger or for mere pleasure – the direction is clear in numerous food blogs. Everything is about creativity and making of new flavors. Food blog names are just as creative as the recipes.
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Finding a Name for a Technology Blog

Computers, smartphones, and technology in general are now a part of our everyday lives. That's why more and more blogs have technology as their main focus. They present the latest developments in tech, review smartphones and recommend gadgets. Let's take a look at the names that technology bloggers have chosen for their businesses.
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Find original names for fashion blogs

Fashion blogs are popular, and are becoming increasingly professional in their approach. The girl next door who’s interested in fashion can turn her hobby into a career via a blog, but a good fashion blog should both entertain and inform. If possible, that should start with the blog name – this should invite the user to spend time on the site.
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Awkward Product Names

When naming a product, funny ideas will crop up here and there. It can be really embarrassing, however, when one forgets to check the other meanings a name might have in other languages. Here are a few examples.
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Ice Cream Treat Names Loaded with Summertime Feelings

Vacations, summer, sunshine, and an ice cream to go with it - for quite some time classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry haven’t been the only flavors in town either. Ice cream makers are becoming bolder and are trying out strange and unconventional ice cream creations. All types of ice cream bars on a stick are popular as well. Even the names of retro ice cream favorites alone can evoke summertime memories.

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