Names of Cryptocurrencies

If you invest in cryptocurrencies then you probably think about numbers, the right time for an investment and so on. But there is one thing you may not have noticed before: Cryptocurrencies tend to have unusual names. This is quite surprise because finances are still a very delicate market.

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Names of Cryptocurrencies: This is what Bitcoin, Ethereum and other names stand for

If you invest in cryptocurrencies then you probably think about numbers, the right time for an investment and so on. But there is one thing you may not have noticed before: Cryptocurrencies tend to have unusual names. This is quite surprise because finances are still a very delicate market.


The more unusual the better

Euro, Dollar or Pounds – popular currencies like that have one thing in common: Their names are solid and nothing special. Trust has been built within years and we don´t really think about their names anymore.

Cryptocurrencies are different. They are quite new. One would think that you need a trustful name, do make a new currency popular.

The digital age seems to have new requirements. Let´s take a look at the ten biggest cryptocurrencies right now:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Binance Coin
  • USD Coin
  • Ripple
  • Cardano
  • Solana
  • Avalanche
  • Terra

Without the context you would probably think that this list is about the film Avatar. The names don´t sound like trustworthy currencies at all.

Then why are they so popular by now? And who invented the names for Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other currencies? It seems like creative methods have been used more than once.


Names for cryptocurrencies under the microscope

Let´s figure out what the names of the most popular cryptocurrencies mean. Bitcoin was clearly formed without the use of a tool für word fusion: It is a combination of the words Bit and Coin.

So the name Bitcoin consists of two words from the industry. A bit is the smallest binary information unit and that is combined with a coin. Bitcoin is thus a fusion of a word for something digital and a word related to finances. This term is short and stays in mind.

The name Cardano is quite different. Gerolamo Cardano lived in the 16th century and was an italian doctor, philosopher and mathematician. It seems like his great skills in mathematics made him the inspiration for the name Cardano.


Of all the crazy names for cryptocurrencies Avalanche is my favorite name. The word is catchy and has quite a mysterious touch. They probably refer to the speed of an Avalanche and therefore chose the name for their currency.

So how do we sum this up? People used different methods to finding a fitting name for a currency. You could get inspired by that and use the same methods if you are looking for the perfect name for your own project.

You could try to translate a certain word into another language. You might find words with a nice sound. Try to keep in mind to choose a word that has a reference to your product. For cryptocurrencies the word coin seems to be very popular.

There are a lot of other methods like fusing different words or using the names of historical persons. No matter which project you are working on: Be creative, keep an eye on fitting word for your idea and use the Name Generator if you need new inspiration.


Cryptocurrencies show: Names don´t need to be super serious

It seems like modern investors of today don´t have a problem with the uncommon names of cryptocurrencies. What might be the reason for that?

If you invest in cryptocurrencies then you are (or at least should be) an expert with digital currencies. The unusual names might be chosen on purpose to convince you.

People who live in the digital world understand word fusions like Bitcoin on first sight and gets the meaning immediately.

This example shows: The name of a product has to fit to the customers. It seems like people investing in cryptocurrencies don´t need a trustworthy name. What they want is a good feeling and a convincing offer.

This knowledge might also help you finding a name for your project: Even if you are not developing a new cryptocurrency you should keep in mind that the name should fit to the customers.

You need support for that? Try our Toolbox then!

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