Sporty Names for Fitness Apps

Tracking, exercise and a workout plan: Fitness Apps help people with getting fit and living healthy. An app like that supports you on different levels. They tend to have easy names that are not really surprising and always show you what you can expect from the app.

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Sporty Names for Fitness Apps

Tracking, exercise and a workout plan: Fitness Apps help people with getting fit and living healthy. An app like that supports you on different levels. They tend to have easy names that are not really surprising and always show you what you can expect from the app.


The name should also be fit

If you are looking for an app that supports you with tracking your success or helps you create a workout plan than you will probably open the app store and search for the word Fitness. The creators of the apps noticed that: Therefore, fitness apps often contain the word Fitness or related words.

A quite good example for that is the app FitOn. It shows you different types of workouts that help you with getting fit. The name is fitting: the words Fit and On are combined. The name is short and makes you want to do some sports. If you want to create a similar or an even better name then you can use our Portmanteau Generator for that.

There is another app called Fitness & Bodybuilding in the app store. You will find special exercises for building muscles in the app. The name comes directly to the point and shows you what you will get.

The fitness industry stands for exercise, getting something done and reaching your goals. It doesn´t need shiny or catchy names. The names directly reach the target line without taking a detour.


English names for the modern runner

If you look at fitness apps you will discover one thing: They often have english names. Even abroad the creators use english names. Good examples for that are Runkeeper, Freeletics or MyFitnessPal. Finding a fitness app with a german name is quite a challenge.

Many people wonder why 99 % of all fitness apps seems to have an english name. We have an idea: A lot of people relate english names with modern or popular things. An english name might be more attractive than a german one. On top of that people always talk about fitness instead of using the word in their own language.

It seems like a lot of things related to sport and health have english names. Not only apps but also gyms, sport devices and a lot of other things tend to have rather english names than german ones. If you are looking for a good name for your fitness-project then you could also use an english word. Use our tool to translate a word into different languages and you will find the perfect name.


Brand names for fitness apps

If you are looking for a fitness app you will find a lot of apps with popular brand names like:

  • Nike Run Club
  • Asana Rebel
  • Adidas Training by Runtastic
  • PumaTrac

Huge companies use their good name and the trust of their customers to invent new projects. If you bought nice shoes from Nike and are happy with them then you will probably also try their new fitness app.


Creative & extraordinary names

A lot of fitness apps have usual names but there are also some creative and extraordinary names. If you look at them you might not even notice that you are looking at a fitness app.

One of my favorites is the app HIIT I Down Dog. It is not an app for your pet – it´s a quite popular fitness app. It helps you with planning your workout and celebrating your success. The logo is fitting: It is a dog raising weights.

Another extraordinary name is Waya. It is an app that helps you with losing weight and eating healthy. Waya is a fantasy name with a nice sound. This is a good example for a fitness app that does not have a sporty name.  


Name for fitness projects: creative or obvious?

If you take a look at popular fitness apps you will notice that most of the names are pretty obvious. The creators use word fusions that make sense and often contain the word fitness. English names and phrases are common for fitness apps in Germany too. It seems like the english language is quite fitting for anything related with sports. Only a few apps don´t follow this pattern.

Are you looking for the perfect name for your fitness program or fitness blog? You can use our Name Generator to get some creative input. Let´s start!



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