Inspiring Names for Food Blogs

To eat so you satisfy the hunger or for mere pleasure – the direction is clear in numerous food blogs. Everything is about creativity and the making of new flavors. Food blog names often are just as creative as the recipes. Yummy!

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Food Blogs: Passion & Lifestyle

Recipe for creative food blog namesFood blogs are focused on food and cooking – could it be any different? Some food blogs are little works of art with blog names chosen carefully.

Ronda shows her passion for cooking in the name choice for her blog Kitchen Dreaming. As the saying goes: when food tastes perfect it's like a dream come true. A food blog is not only a passion but also a lifestyle. The joy of cooking, tasting and sharing recipes can be shown with a passionate name.

How to find a name in this style: Ronda has chosen a creative add-on for the name of her blog. In doing so, she has chosen a synonym for food ("kitchen") and combined it with another creative word ("dreaming").

A food blog means living your creativity through developing and testing new recipes as well as the visual realization of the blog. Mimi Thorisson, for example, lives with her family in France. She tells stories about her life, which are closely related to food, on her blog simply called Manger (the French word for “Eating”). Her photos look fabulous and amazing.

How to find a name in this style: Admittedly this name is extremely reduced. But why not translate a word into different languages? Words like culinary, taste or pleasure may sound chic or imaginative in any language. You can then creatively build such a word into your food blog name.

Delicious recipes, interesting stories about culinary skills or food production – all of this makes for a successful blog and fits in the appropriate name. A food blog must have a heart and personality, just like the chosen blog name.

Lived Utopia: Recipes That Don’t Taste Like Abstinence

Creative food blog namesIn addition to recipes, nutrition is also a very important topic. Deniz, from the blog Fructopia, shows how food can be delicious even with food intolerance. Her blog name is a mix of fructose and utopia. The fact that a fructose-intolerant person can eat normally borders on utopia, which is basically what the blog name states. Deniz shows that it doesn’t have to be that way in her numerous recipes.

How to find a name in this style: Fructopia is a word fusion, a so-called portmanteau name like Pinterest (Pin/Interest). Two words with one or more identical letters are "merged", leaving only a part of one and a part of the other word. Fortunately, there is a word merging tool so you don't have to do it all by hand. Tip: You'll have to try out quite a number of keywords until the dream name shows up.

Names of food blogs are often original, a bit extravagant and always thought outside of the box. Wordplays, such as or even are not a rarity among food blogs.

The name Foodistas is a combination of the words food and sistas. The sisters also provide the explanation for this name choice on their website: „Food stands for cooking and baking, which we do passionately, whereas -istas represents sistas because that’s what we are, not only in our hearts! This name shows what our blog is about and what makes us stand out. We are four sisters who love cooking and baking.”

We have already revealed some name-reconstructions tricks above. Of course, there are many other creative ways to come up with special food blog names. The Toolbox provides 100 special name generators - one of them surely provides the dream name for your blog.

You are welcome to post your food blog below ... and please tell us how you found its name :-)


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