Starting a Blog: How to Find a Good Name

Before writing the first content for a new blog, every blog beginner asks himself: "What should I call my blog?" When starting a blog, very few people know where the journey will take them and spontaneously decide on a name. After some time they often regret their choice, because the chosen name no longer suits them. That's why it's advisable to think about the right blog name in advance.


Why is the name important for a blog?

The name is the figurehead, the first thing the readers see when they enter the site directly, via social networks or search engines. It's a well-known fact: The first impression counts.

Don't spontaneously decide on a name that you find funny or original at the beginning. You might quickly regret if the name does not reflect the blog's content good enough after a while. It's better to sleep on it for a night and calmly decide whether the blog name will suit you in the long run.


What is important when choosing a blog name?

1. Memorable instead of inconspicuous

Blog names should be memorable. A name that the reader can remember has a high recognition value. If the readers remember the name, they will come back. Conversely, this means that typical keywords should be avoided in the blog name to build up a distinctive profile. In a food blog's name, for example, the word "food" does not have to appear to rank high in Google. This approach has long been outdated.

2. Length is not decisive

Less is sometimes more. But not always. Length should not be the decisive criterion for a blog name. More important is an inventive name, preferably with an interesting pun. However, you should avoid complicated combinations of letters. If you use image triggering terms in the name, it will remain in the reader's memory longer.

3. Good to read and speak

Nothing is more annoying than having to spell the blog name all the time because it is too difficult to pronounce. A boringly descriptive name, in which several words are strung together to form a sentence, such as "", is difficult to decipher even at first glance. Another disadvantage is that there are certainly many other blogs and articles with similar names.

4. Think outside the box

A blog name that describes what the content is all about seems tempting at first glance. But as mentioned above, such a name is not ideal, seems less ambitious and rarely has a brand character. One could also say: descriptive names are unimaginative. Instead, the blog name should be developed step by step and not decided after the first brainstorming session. The NameRobot Toolbox offers name inspiration in abundance.

5. Distinctive, creative, cool!

As you have probably already noticed, keyword-heavy blog names are out. The easiest way to show that your blog offers great topics and strong content is a unique name. It can also be a little edgy. As long as it's not too complicated, you'll stand out. An example of an unusual blog name to look twice is Alternulltive ("null" = zero in German). It could also have been called "garbage avoidance blog" - not very sexy. Creatively merged words can be found with some persistence and by trying different words with a portmanteau generator.

More tips for choosing a name

It makes sense if the blog name and domain name match. But instead of choosing a poor blog name with an identical free domain the quality of the name should always be the most important factor. If the identical domain is not available for your name idea you can also add a suitable descriptor to find an available domain. Free domains can be checked quickly and easily with a handy DomainCheck tool. Whether you choose a creatively changed name or a real name is a matter of taste. The most important thing: You should feel comfortable with your blog name and preferably identify with it.

If you are unsure about the direction in which the blog will go thematically, a more neutral name makes more sense. The decision shouldn't be made immediately - rather wait a few days and check whether you still like the name.

Failures when choosing a blog name

Nothing is more annoying than careless mistakes that cannot be corrected once the name is written. Therefore, it is better to check twice to see if there are any typos or misspellings.

Under no circumstances should the chosen blog name violate the trademark rights of others. Choosing a name for which someone else holds the rights can be costly. Therefore, it is better to check in advance whether the desired name is still available. This can be found out quickly with a Trademark Check, for example.

Finally, you can get started with the content. Good luck with your blog. We would be happy if you tell us your blog name and how you came up with it. :-)

Looking for creative name ideas?

With your NameRobot company name generator you can find the desired name for your business.

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