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New Super Name Generators for fast name ideas

A fantastic addition to the NameRobot toolbox: Because of the variety of name generators, it can sometimes take a while to find the ideal generator for a project. That's why we've come up with something completely new: New Super Name Generators that let you run several name generators at the same time at the push of a button. This speeds up the naming process and offers endless creative possibilities.
Screenshot of the tool for trademark examination

trademarkly - The Free Tool for Trademark Checking and for your Website!

Check the availability of your brand name for free with and offer your visitors the convenience of a trademark check on your website using the widget! With, you can effortlessly verify the availability of trademarks at no cost. The tool searches through the databases of the European Union, the German Patent and Trademark Office, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, providing detailed information on the results. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your website. Don't wait, start your trademark check now!
Renaming a company - begin again

Renaming a Company or Product - The Guide

A super difficult decision for every entrepreneur, self-employed person, or manager: we rename our product or company! But what is so difficult about it and why do renamings often fail or do not lead to a satisfactory result? We have already accompanied dozens of renamings and know exactly where the pitfalls lie. In our guide, you will learn how to successfully master the new name search.
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Fruity and Colorful Variety

Namefruit users have of course already known them for a long time: our colorful little fruits, which provide a funny change when answering questions. Our illustrator Uwe has now drawn a new set of fruits, which are now in use at Namefruits.
My Keywords Management
Keywords Ideas Namefruits

Namefruits with Word and Name Management

Namefruits is geared towards comfortable operation and intuitive use for its users. Therefore, we implemented only a few setting options. Nevertheless, many users would like to have more control over the keywords and names used. So we have implemented this now.
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Update for Trademark & Domain Name Search

The selection of classes of goods and services in the Trademark Search as well as the selection of top level domains in the Domain Search have been simplified.
Funny About us NameRobot Fun

The Most Popular Fun Name Generators

We analyzed our fun name generators and put together a few exciting numbers for you regarding user statistics in 2018. Find out what fun name generators are the most popular!
Domain Check Update
Toolbox Namefruits Domains Domain Check

Faster Toolbox and Free Restarts at Namefruits

Save time with quicker results: We simplified the operation of certain tools in the NameRobot Toolbox. Furthermore, Namefruits users now get more free options for their projects.
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The brand new NameRobot Toolbox and website is here!

After a long phase of preparation, the time has finally come for us to announce some great news. There are two significant changes. The first one has to do with the NameRobot website, and the second one has to do with the NameRobot software itself.