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The Most Popular Fun Name Generators

We analyzed our fun name generators and put together a few exciting numbers for you regarding user statistics in 2018. Find out what fun name generators are the most popular!
Different Categories of Name Generator Tools
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The brand new NameRobot Toolbox and website is here!

After a long phase of preparation, the time has finally come for us to announce some great news. There are two significant changes. The first one has to do with the NameRobot website, and the second one has to do with the NameRobot software itself.
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NameRobot Relaunch Incoming

NameRobot has now been around for over eight years, and has undergone plenty of changes in that time. However, technology never stands still, so it's now time for a completely new concept!
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Namefruits NameReport – Name ideas at a glance

With Namefruits' Name Report, you'll get an incredibly convenient decision-making tool to help you select the most suitable name for your business.
Black Friday Deal for NameScore
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Red hot deals to create cool brand names on Black Friday!

NameRobot, Namefruits and NameScore all await with red-hot discounts! Our contribution to Black Friday is for all business founders, entrepreneurs and project teams who are hunting for the right name. Strike while the iron's hot: find your name and launch your project with a stunning success!
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Check business names online – with NameScore

Find out whether your name idea is suitable for professional use. Simply enter your desired business or brand name into NameScore, our new name checking service for companies and startups. The online tool comprehensively checks it for usability.