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We completely overhauled the NameFactory's Supplementer name generator: with 9 new suffix categories, you can now create clever supplemented names even more precisely than before. Whether you want a general, creative, or really special name, the Supplementer transforms your keywords into original names for businesses and brands.
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With the current NameRobot update, we improved the performance of our naming tools by up to 50% and upgraded quite a few things behind the curtain. This makes naming with our name generators even more simple, quick, and elegant than before.
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Marketing professionals, advertisers, creative workers, artists and language enthusiasts, listen up: NameRobot offers new inspiration tools to find ideas at your fingertips.
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Checking your name ideas with NameRobot has just gotten easier for international markets: We upgraded our Domain Check and Trademark Check tools and added lots of new possibilites. Now you can check exotic domains and trademark protection scopes for availability.
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For the two-year anniversary of NameRobot's FUN tools we revised the name generator portal technically, and added 15 new fun name generators.
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Finding a great name - as easy as picking an apple? Nothing less, we have set ourselves the goal. The new name finding sensation is called Namefruits.

August is hot, not only in terms of temperatures. Anyone wishing to use NameRobot permanently receives a unique 50% discount on the subscription. The NameRobot's premium plan is the perfect companion that leaves no wish unfulfilled: find and check names as much as you want. Valid only in August!
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The rules-algorithms within our name generators have been reconfigured and several tools have now got some sleek new settings. You have to try them out! :-)