The NameRobot Relaunch With A Completely New Concept

A few years ago, the NameRobot website was refreshed with a responsive design so that it can be browsed on mobile devices with ease. One thing that was still missing - and frequently requested - was the ability to use the tools on mobile devices. As that would have taken a complete rewrite of the tools and a brand new interface, rather than just a few minor adaptations, it's taken a while for us to get to grips with everything. However, thanks to our in-house CMS QUIQQER, we've managed it.

The reason for this short announcement is that the relaunch is no longer a far-off prospect. Instead, preparations are in full swing. Scheduled relaunch in mid-February!

Here's a mock-up showing how everything will look at the end - although it's neither final nor complete yet.

Preview der Nutzeroberfläche nach Namerobot Relaunch

As you can see, the look is firmly contemporary and all elements on the page are arranged much more simply. Complicated processes and options have given way to a lighter interface that is easier to see at a glance. Our developers (especially Hen!) are focusing on maximum user-friendliness and using the latest technologies.

The completely redesigned interface concept also highlights exciting features that were previously hidden several layers deep and easy to overlook. Anyone generating new brand names or creating new words will have a lot to look forward to.

We'll be revealing everything in detail in a few weeks' time. In the meantime, we're hugely excited about a completely new NameRobot! Let us know if there are features you would like to see, or if you have ideas of your own. In the future, we'll have many more options and will be able to create new business name generators much more quickly.

Further News:
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  2. 06/11/19 – 11:00: The brand new NameRobot Toolbox and website is here!
  3. 01/03/19 – 23:00: NameRobot Relaunch Incoming
  4. 12/18/18 – 23:00: Namefruits NameReport – Name ideas at a glance
  5. 09/04/18 – 22:00: The future of naming starts now – with Namefruits!

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