NamefruitsFinding a name has never been easier – with artificial intelligence and Namefruits

The new online tool from the creators of NameRobot now makes it even easier for business founders and entrepreneurs to come up with a name for their start-up or new business venture.

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Too busy to find a name? 

You're founding a start-up, starting a new freelance enterprise, or planning a new business. So much work, so little time! And that means you don't really have time to spare for non-essential tasks like figuring out a business name

On the other hand, you really need a proper business name! After all, it will be a cornerstone of your enterprise for years to come. We have the solution to this dilemma.

Naming made easy

To make finding a business name as easy as possible, the NameRobot team developed an artificial intelligence and fed it with established NameRobot technology.

The result? Namefruits – the simplest solution for online business naming you can imagine! Just answer some questions and let Namefruits take care of the rest. 

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Namefruits advantages

Easy to use

No lengthy user manuals, no complicated tutorials: Simply answer easy multiple-choice questions about your project – Namefruits takes care of the rest and suggests personalized, unique and creative name ideas. You simply have to choose which one you like best.

Simply creative

With its dynamic "Juicer" questionnaire, Namefruits determines your requirements and independently researches additional data. Soon your naming project will chock of ideas you would never have even imagined. Pretty creative!

Fast lane to a perfect name

It usually takes a lot of time and effort to create a fitting business name or brand name – from weeks to even months. Namefruits conjures up plenty of name ideas after just a few hours, pre-checked and ready to go. Quite a time saver!

Names for every taste

Serious or playful, creative or traditional, wild or tame: Namefruits is a naming genius capable of creating a great variety of name types, always according to your tastes.

More time for your business

As a founder, start-up, or SMB you probably have more important matters at hand than wasting your time trying to find the perfect name. That's why our naming AI does the work for you. Even if you don't know which direction you want to go with your business name: Namefruits will find out for you!

Everything on schedule

Project definition, USP, idea research, name creation, usability checks, and so forth... Naming is a complex process, and as a layman it's easy to lose track. That's why Namefruit thinks ahead and takes care of all important aspects of the naming process for you to help you find the best name for your project.

Start finding your name now

It's simple, it's clever and it makes finding a name super easy: Find your name now with the aid of artificial intelligence!

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Naming services

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