Namefruits NameReport – Name ideas at a glance

With Namefruits' Name Report, you'll get an incredibly convenient decision-making tool if you are looking for the best company name for your business.

Business naming and brand naming is a complex process. It goes beyond the initial stage that springs easily to mind – researching and brainstorming ideas. Indeed, non-specialists often find that the development of original ideas leaves many questions unanswered. 

Even once the creative part is taken care of, most people encounter a new problem when selecting a business name or brand name: which criteria are relevant to choosing the best name? How can they be sure that they haven't overlooked any important points when choosing the right business name?

Basically, you can't delegate the decision as to which name is best for your business to anyone else. However, it is helpful to have access to a convenient overview of the most frequent issues faced by business names and brands. After all, when it comes to creative tasks, asking the right questions is often half the battle.

To make the naing process easy for you, the NameRobot team has given the topic some further thought. With Namefruits, we have developed a new, artificial-intelligence based business naming tool. We have incorporated a mechanism that allows you to scrutinize the best naming ideas extensively, based on a wide range of criteria.

The Namefruits NameReport gives you a convenient, practical insight into your branding idea.

This automatically-generated document includes a Personalization Certificate, a short overview and a detailed listing of a series of Name Checks, assessing your brand's marketing prospects from a variety of perspectives.

You will receive the NameReport automatically for all branding ideas that you come up with via Namefruits' new business naming AI once they have survived your initial down-selection. So that you know what to expect, we have presented the individual components of the NameReport here.


The Namefruits Certificate guarantees that the name generated by the Namefruits business naming AI was created specifically for your project and that it has been validated. The name will be reserved for you personally and will not be proposed to any other user by the AI in the future.*

Business names criteria – certificate


Name Overview

This is where you will learn about the origins of the name, and how it has been assessed. Three factors are analyzed during this process:


  • Composition: This assessment shows the words and components that make up the business name. Most business names are based on one or more keywords that may (but will not necessarily) be connected to the project. Purely imaginary names, with no specific word at their root, are an exception to this rule.
  • Specifics: This assessment reveals more about the way in which the name was created and provides details of the use cases for which it is particularly suitable and describes its strengths.
  • Marketing Potentials: This assessment provides an overview of the Name Checks that are integrated into Namefruits, rating branding ideas for their prospects of success in the market. You are free to decide which factors are most relevant to your project; for instance, the availability of a name in an app store or social media is not relevant to some projects.
Business names criteria – overview


Name Checks

Over the next several pages, you will then receive a detailed overview of the name's marketing prospects. This will reveal how suitable the branding idea is for use in a practical context, and how strong its prospects of success in the market are. Namefruits subjects your business name to a thorough series of checks.


  1. Expert Score: The Namfruits Expert Score provides you with an at-a-glance overview of your business name's suitability and usability. The business naming AI uses a custom-developed algorithm to generate an internal rating for your name. This rating takes a variety of factors into account, including a range of linguistic elements such as the length of the name and the proportion of vowels to consonants.
  2. "Made just for you" factor: Namefruits has got to know you well through the questions that you answer, and has rated your name on the basis of these details. The higher the rating, the greater the brand's degree of alignment with your personal branding preferences.
  3. Trademark availability (comprehensive): To ensure that you can successfully deploy your name, it's important to ensure that no one else already has the trademark rights. Even if a name is only similar to other trademarks, legal issues may still arise. Namefruits checks a variety of registries to determine whether your proposed name (or a similar word) is already registered as a trademark, giving you a comprehensive overview of trademark availability.
  4. Trademark availability (strict): If your name is has already been registered as a trademark by someone else, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to use it. Namefrfuits checks whether your proposed band name is registered as a trademark with this exact spelling. If your business name is only a component of the trademark, the trademark will not be listed here.
  5. Social media availability: The less common your name is in existing social media, the easier it is for you to build a social media presence. That's why Namefruits checks how frequently your name is used as a username or profile name on common social media sites.
  6. Safety score: Some names contain additional words that you would never spot at first glance. Namefruits filters all words that are contained in your name and rates them. This allows you to recognize both hidden potential and traps you might otherwise fall into.
  7. Appstore availability: the more unique your name is in app stores, the easier it is for you to launch your product and have users find it. Namefruits checks whether an app already exists with your business name.
  8. Domain availability: If you want to offer a website for your brand, it's important to ensure that at least one suitable address is available. That's why Namefruits checks whether the top-level domain is still available.
  9. Search engine placement: If your name is unique online, it makes it easier for you to secure a good position in search engine rankings so that it can be found quickly. That's why Namefruits checks how frequently your name already occurs in popular search engines. The more unique your name is, the better.
Business names criteria – checks
Business names criteria – domain check


Tips and recommendations

What's next? Namefruits provides a few practical tips and recommendations for the next steps at the end of each report. You will receive practical advice on where to go to:


Business name criteria – tips

Would you like access to your NameReport and more features? Learn more about the Namefruits' AI Company Name Generator.



* Legal notice: The Namefruits checks and evaluations are for orientation and research purpose only. All check results are without guarantee and in no way replace professional legal advice. It is the user‘s responsibility to seek expert advice, e.g. from a lawyer, before using the name.

The Namefruits guarantee assures the user that Namefruits will no longer suggest the name to another user. Namefruits will also not assert any claims against the user for the name. Here, too, it is the user‘s responsibility to have the name checked in a legally secure and expert manner, e.g. by a lawyer, before using it.

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