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If you're visiting NameRobot for the first time, you won't notice it. But our home page has been completely rebuilt. We started in 2011 with NameRobot as a tool, and over the years we added other offers. Things got really confusing. So we went back to the drawing board and drew up a completely new website that will allow you to quickly recognize which name-generating solution best suits your needs.

Overview of our naming tools and services

NameRobot Relaunch

The popular NameRobot software, including its name generators, was completely redone and now has a new a name: NameRobot Toolbox (more on that below). You can get a quick overview of the other tools: NameFruits (AI-driven name generation), NameScore (quick name check), FlyingNames (brand naming service), and NameRobot Fun.

Changeover to the NameRobot Toolbox

With the new Toolbox, the Do-It-Yourself nature of the process is still there but, in terms of operation and structure, we are pursuing a completely new concept. That way, we can implement new things in accordance with the feedback and wishes we have received over the years from many of our users.

Starting immediately, the new NameRobot Toolbox can be accessed at All old accounts will continue to function as before, so you will be able log in with your login data from your old account, if you already have one. The current (old) version of NameRobot will be accessible at All login data and subscriptions will remain valid there until further notice.

What awaits you in the new Toolbox

Included are the tried and true NameRobot tools from the Word Workshop, Name Factory, and the Control Center. Along with those, there are over 70 brand new name generators, word imports, and checks that you can play around with and find the right name for your project.

Along with the Toolbox, we're introducing a new price structure. We've decided to use a "freemium" model, which will allow you to use most tools for free. We'll finance it through advertising, and you'll be able to turn off the ads if you pay a small fee. Some premium tools are reserved for premium access, which you can get for €29 / $29 a month. For agencies and entrepreneurs with special requirements (for example, multiple user logins) we have certain conditions, which we will share on request. All subscriptions can be canceled on a monthly basis, so that no one has to worry about the typical stress of a subscription.

Overview of all Toolbox highlights

  • New NameRobot Toolbox with the largest collection in the world of tools related to name generation
  • New price model with free access to almost every tool
  • Mobile devices now have full access to Toolbox. Search for a name from the comfort of your own couch ;-)
  • More than 100 name generators, checks, and word tools
  • Special tools (Premium) for one-click name generation with your keywords (look for more new special tools as we roll them out in the coming months)
  • Established users can log into the new Toolbox with the login data that they already have, or they can use the "old" NameRobot at
  • All tools can be used in your projects and products via an API (on request).

If you need any assistance at all, please send an e-mail to us at any time at We guarantee that we'll take care of it.

Your NameRobot Team

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Naming services

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