Mark Leiblein - Naming expert

  • Since 2013: CEO of NameRobot GmbH
  • 2010: Initial idea and founder of the NameRobot portal
  • 2005: Sets up Namestorm (naming agency)
  • 2000-2005: Marketing Manager (Bertelsmann)
  • 1999: Diploma in Marketing, Logistics, Business English) / University of Würzburg

Mark Leiblein has been known for his special (nick-) name creations since childhood. With his naming agency Namestorm, he has already created more than 500 names for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporate clients such as Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank and TUI. His profound knowledge of language and names flows steadily into the development and improvement of NameRobot's tools and the entire portal.


Mark Leiblein

E-Mail: mark [at] namerobot [dot] com


Moritz Scholz - Entrepreneur

  • Since 2013: CEO of NameRobot GmbH

  • 2012: Certified as training professional by the IHK (Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2010: Founder of the NameRobot portal
  • Since 2005: CEO of PCSG, since 2008 PCSG - Computer & Internet Service OHG
  • Since 2000: Various software development projects for different clients

Moritz Scholz holds qualifications in business is an IT specialist with years of experience with servers, web programming and web languages. He is not only responsible for the business administration of NameRobot, but also carries out all other administrative tasks and takes care of the accounting system and NameRobot's servers.


Moritz Scholz

E-Mail: moritz [at] namerobot [dot] com


Marcel Hiller - Press & Marketing

  • Since 2013: Communications manager at NameRobot GmbH
  • 2010: Founder of the NameRobot portal
  • Since 2006: Name developer at Namestorm
  • Since 2003: Freelance presenter (
  • Business studies and automotive sales management assistant (DaimlerChrysler/Smart)

Marcel Hiller has been a name-finder since he came to Namestorm in 2006. He provides NameRobot with his communication skills for public relations and is responsible for all organizational work. As a freelance presenter, he is the voice of NameRobot in videos and presentations.


Marcel Hiller

E-Mail: marcel [at] namerobot [dot] com


Henning Leutz - Developer

  • Since 2013: Main developer for NameRobot GmbH
  • 2010: Founder of the NameRobot portal
  • Since 2008: CEO of PCSG - Computer & Internet Service OHG
  • Since 2003: Qualified IT specialist for software development

Henning Leutz started working on IT and web projects early on and has extensive knowledge of PHP, Javascript, MySQL and all major web languages. Today he is the main developer at NameRobot and responsible for implementing the ideas that the rest of the team dream up. He is web designer, programmer and classic quality tester rolled into one.


Henning Leutz

E-Mail: henning [at] namerobot [dot] com


Nina Tomala - Linguist

  • Since 2011: NameRobot team member (development of name generators and content creator)
  • Since 2011: Online marketing at an agency in Cologne
  • 2005-2010: Linguistics studies with focus on computational linguistics

Nina Tomala is NameRobot's linguist. She uses her knowledge of languages and grammatical structures to help Mark develop new tools for NameRobot. In addition, she writes content for the NameRobot website, the naming blog, and NameRobot's tools.


Nina Tomala

E-Mail: nina [at] namerobot [dot] com


Patrick Müller - Developer

  • Since 2012: NameRobot team member (programming and development)
  • Since 2008: Studies of Business Informatics

Patrick Müller is our newest and youngest team member. He applies software development skills obtained at university to the NameRobot project. He takes care of tricky bugs and implements new tools as well as name generators, for NameRobot.


E-Mail: patrick [at] namerobot [dot] com


Michael Danielczok - Developer

  • NameRobot team member (programming and development)

Michael develops NameRobot's frontend for the website, the Toolbox and our other naming services. He makes sure that our naming platform looks and feels as fresh and modern as the names that you can find with it. 


E-Mail: michael [at] namerobot [dot] com