Rhymes - Find words with similar sound structure

The rhyme machine searches for words that – as the name implies – rhyme with the keyword entered. This function can be very helpful when you are looking for a new name and is also useful for slogans.

Let's take an example: game rhymes with flame and so the company name Gameflame is born! Or, to take a slogan we've all heard as an example: That's the name of the game! It means nothing more than "that's what it's all about", but the simple name - game rhyme makes this somehow more memorable and, most importantly, more fun.

The NameRobot tool will not only search for identical word endings, but also knows how to find the same or similar sounds, regardless of spelling differences.

Six different types of rhymes

The Rhymes tool generates six different rhyme types which you can select in the extras. By default, only clean rhymes are chosen. It makes the Rhymes tool easy to use and yields only "proper" rhymes as results. You can select the following additional rhyme types in the Extras for less obvious results:

  • Last syllable: Finds words whose final syllable is the same as the search word, eg interesting webcasting, roasting, harvesting
  • First syllable: Finds words whose first syllable is the same as the search term, eg wail, wailing, wayless, whale
  • Alliteration: Finds words which have identical initials, eg  ale, age, aide, eight - One of the most simple and effective stylistic devices in marketing!
  • Pararhyme: Finds words in which the consonants are identical to the search word's consonants, eg summer, simmer, summa, semi, seamy
  • Assonance: Finds words in which the vowels are identical to the search word's vowels, eg winter, mincer, mixer, cinder, liquour

Completely new rhyme algorithm

The logic behind the Rhymes tool operates on a pronunciation database. Because obviously, you cannot deduct from the spelling alone whether two words sound the same or not.

You want some examples?

  • Banana and Montana rhyme. - That's obvious!
  • Through and blue also rhyme, even though they do not share the same last letters.
  • It gets even better. Just take a look at: though, tough, cough, plough, through, and lough: they all end with the same letters, but are each prnounced differently and do not rhyme

Fortunately, the rhyming tool can handle these irregularities, thanks to its phonetic database!

We hope you enjoy our Rhymes tool thoroughly ( ;-) ) and hope you will find many unexpected and original rhymes and word ideas.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the rhyme tool there or test the rhyme tool here.