Necessity of Paypal account

Do I need to be registered with Paypal in order to use credit card payment?

No, you do not need a Paypal account for credit card payments. Although payments are handled by Paypal, you do not have to register with them if you do not have an account there yet.

You can find a note saying "You do not have a Paypal account" at the lower left corner if you do not have a Paypal account and do not want to register on their website.

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Paypal Checkout aborted

I completed my order but aborted my Paypal checkout and haven't paid yet. How can I complete my payment?

You have selected credit card or Paypal as a payment method and you have completed your order with NameRobot. If you haven't completed your payment with Paypal yet, you can do so easily through your NameRobot profile page.

If you log in to NameRobot again, you will be prompted to pay any outstandig invoices. Just follow the link to your profile and click on the gold coins icon to be redirected to the Paypal checkout page.

Click on the gold coins to go to Paypal checkout page

Alternatively, you can reach your profile directly by clicking your name in the navigation menu on the upper right and choosing "My memberships".


If necessary, you can change your payment method here as well.

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Cancel Professional membership

How do I cancel my NameRobot Professional membership?

In order to cancel your monthly subscription to NameRobot Professional, log in to NameRobot and, via the navigation menu in the upper right, go to your profile under "My memberships".


Here you can see your current NameRobot memberships. You can cancel your current membership as of the next possible date with a click on the button right next to it.

Click on the button right of your subscription

Confirm your cancellation in the popup.

Confirm your cancellation

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Invoice downloads

Where can I download my invoice(s)?

To download an invoice to your computer, please login first with your username and your password. In the left sidebar, click on "Profile" and select the menu item "Invoices". Here will find a list with all past invoices.

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Payment options

Which payment options does NameRobot offer?

NameRobot offers various payment options for fee-based premium memberships:

  • Paypal (worldwide)
  • Credit card (worldwide)
  • Invoice (upon request)
  • SEPA (upon request)
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Coupons and subscriptions

Is a coupon code also valid for a subscription?

Yes and no. A coupon code is valid in conjunction with a subscription, but only once on the first monthly invoice.

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What is VAT?

What is value added tax (VAT)?

Value added tax (VAT) is a form of consumption tax.

NameRobot has to charge EU VAT on all goods and services provided to:

  • all customers from within the European Union who do not have a EU VAT ID
  • all customers from Germany. 

You are not charged with VAT if you are:

  • a customer from within the European Union and do have a EU VAT ID
  • a customer from outside the European Union.

NameRobot's intelligent system calculates if VAT needs to be charged or not, based on your location and status.

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