Quick name generators – Generate business names automatically

Generate three different types of names with our three quick name generators Basic Names, Mixed Names and Fancy Names. They work with your keywords and create names automatically which are tailor-made for your project, from classic keyword-oriented names to imaginative or fancy names.

With the quick name generators, you can start finding names straight away. No complicated settings, no prior selection of keywords: Simply click the 'Find' button and get custom-made names for your project. The three tools use the entire arsenal of NameRobot's tools with selected configurations to create the best name ideas.

You will find names like these with the quick name generators:

  • Basic Names: keyword-oriented names, e.g. SpiritAmigo, FunStuff, Spiritissimo or FeelDeal
  • Mixed Names: half descriptive, half invented names, e.g. Telligo, Solicity, Perfectato, Workedia or Moviva
  • Fancy Names:  smart fantasy names, e.g. Ucami, Jacovo, Drysor or Zamara

How is that possible?

In order to find the best results, you need to have a well-filled Word Depot that contains relevant keywords. The quick name generators use the content of your Word Depot and use it as input for the NameRobot's name generators and databases. This is how your keywords are converted to truly astonishing business names. 

Because they are so easy to use, the three quick name generators Basic Names, Mixed Names, and Fancy Names are the perfect introduction to the naming process and are suited to all kinds of projects where a name has to be found fast. So it is less about perfection and more about practicality and speed.

If you've whetted your appetite with the quick name generators, you can move on to the other tools in the Name Factory - from Acronyms to Fantasizer. Here you have a more precise influence on the kind of results and can better control the resulting names.

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the Quick Name Generator Tool there or test the Quick Name Generator Random or the Creative Name Generator.