First Names tool – Discover the meaning of given names

NameRobot offers access to a database with over 6,000 first names, other kinds of names, and offers their meanings and origins. But how can that help you find a name?

Example 1: You start a company with garden products, and so you enter flower into the first names tool and all names with flower as part of the meaning will be displayed. And maybe you will find a good idea for your company name in the results...?

Example 2: A woman named Susan wants to open her own business. She enters her own first name in the first names tool and discovers that her name sounds exotic and exciting in a different language: she names her company "Shoshana" – which is the Hebrew version of her name.

You can also carry out name searches based on themes: i.e. names from the Old Testament, job titles, Greek mythology...

Either go to the comfortable NameRobot Toolbox and call up the first name tool there or test the first names database here.