Social Check - Is the name still available on social networks?

Check the availability of your name in social networks and other internet portals - with only one click.

Claim your name in social networks

If you want to use social media marketing for your new business or product - and who doesn't, nowadays? - you should make sure that your name idea has not already been claimed by someone else on the most important social media sites.

Remember, you do not necessarily need to set up profiles on each social network. If you are a b2b company, you'll probably be more insterested in the "big ones" like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, whereas as a freelance artist, you should also take a look at DeviantArt or Flickr. In any case, consider registering your (company) name on different portals, because if anyone else snags it, you have no control over what happens under your name.

NameRobot checks whether the name is available as username (e.g. Twitter) or as a custom vanity URL, e.g.

Either go to the convenient NameRobot Toolbox and call up the SocialCheck tool there or test the SocialCheck here.

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