New Feature: Keywords Management

An often requested feature is now implemented: The Keyword Management. We often get the question of whether you can jump back to questions or change the words you have entered. It happens quite often that you only realize after some time that your entered answers do not lead to a good name. For example, someone searches for a name for a new cereal brand and enters the keyword "ingredients" because the cereal has particularly healthy ingredients. Namefruits then later possibly suggests names that contain "ingredients", which is of no use at all in terms of names. Instead of having to start the project all over again, you can now change this directly in the keyword management. You can find it via the paper symbol ("Keywords").

My Keywords Management

How the new Keyword Management Works

This is quickly explained: In your Keyword Management, you can see all the keywords collected so far, all of which are used for business name suggestions from Namefruits. Use the trashcan icon to delete words you think are useless. At the bottom is a plus sign where you can add new keywords.

My Keywords - Word Management


New Feature: Your Name Suggestions

Another new feature is that you now can add your name ideas at any time outside the question process. Just click on the enumeration symbol with the numbers as shown in the picture:

My Keywords - Word Management

How to add your own name ideas

In the overview of your favorite names, as shown in the picture below, you can now add your own name ideas. Afterwards, some checks are carried out in the background to determine whether your name idea is suitable. Once this is complete, you will find your name under the menu item "Unused Names" in the tab "Names not presented yet" or "Positively rated names".

If your name idea is suitable, it will be presented to you in the further course of the project.

Your Name Suggestions - List


Get your business name ideas

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