Selection of Nice Classes

The "Nice Classes" or classes of goods and services for trademarks can now all be selected or deselected with a click for faster setting.


Why are these classes important for your trademark?

Trademarks can be protected in 45 different classes of goods and services. They are called "Nice Classes".

Each trademark application must specify the goods and/or services for which the trademark is to be registered. If you have found an identical trademark via the trademark check, you can see in which classes it is registered.

Example: You want to check whether the name idea XYZ is already protected for musical instruments (Class 15). You find such a trademark via the trademark check, but it is registered for something such as clothing (Class 25). So you can quickly assess that this trademark is probably not relevant (exceptions, individual cases, as well as a legal assessment should not be considered here).

Where can you find the relevant class(es)?

You can enter your relevant terms in this database in order to find the corresponding classes. There is also an overview of the most important terms per class. A trademark attorney can also quickly put together the right classes for you.

Selection of Top Level Domains

The same improvement can now be seen in the selection of the many hundreds of possible Top Level Domains (domain endings). In each of the categories from "country domains" to "shopping domains" you can now select or deselect all the domains you want to search with a single click.

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