Fancy setting for domain extensions

The Domain Check in the NameRobot Toolbox has got an update. It is hidden behind the gear icon in the settings. Now you can easily and quickly search, select or deselect suitable domain extensions (TLDs). All TLDs have been clearly grouped thematically, e.g. by "International" or "Shopping". Also included are all the new domain endings such as .farm, .jobs or .meet. This guarantees that there will be no more frustration just because someone has grabbed away your favorite domain and left it to languish on the net.

Domain extensions selection

Intuitive operation

There are two quick ways to select the desired extensions for your domain: Either you simply click through the domain categories and select the appropriate TLD(s) - you can also select or deselect all domains in the category with one click. Or you type something into the search field, e.g. "pizza". As soon as you start with the first letter, all existing domain endings will be filtered. If you have reached "pi...", you will not only see .pizza, but also .pics, .pictures, .shopping or .pink. Frustration or lack of imagination when choosing a domain are now a thing of the past!

Trademark Check update

We also regularly add small and larger improvements to the trademark check. Most recently, we expanded the search for similar trademarks. This not only means that trademarks are found that only partially match the search term. For example, "Dear" will also find "Dearest". The sequence of word entries is now also combined. If you enter "Friend Boy", "Boyfriend" will also be found. What a luck for all name searchers, isn't it? :-)

Risk of similar brands

Founders and companies today usually know that you should only use a name for business purposes if it is not already in use or protected. Since the databases of most trademark offices are publicly accessible, many are so proactive and check whether a name is already protected. However, the above example with "Dear" or "Friend Boy" shows how quickly something can be overlooked here. Therefore, the Trademark Check from the Toolbox should help to find several potentially confusable trademarks with one entry. But even that is not enough, because you also have to go searching for trademarks that are confusable in other ways. Read more about this important topic in the blog post on similar trademarks: Heated battle for company names.

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