Long planned, often asked for: Super Name Generators

It took several months of development to realize the new Super Name Generators. But from today, eight new name generators are available in the NameRobot Toolbox.

What do we mean by "super name generators"? We are not talking about a single name generator for an invented name, for example. We have combined several name generators of the same name type or style in such a way that they are started at the same time. This results in an ultra boost of suggestions. The advantage: more and more different name ideas in the shortest possible time.

Eight new premium name generators

Generate different name styles with fast and clever tools. Let's take a quick look at it:

Invented Name Genius

A fascinating tool for headache free generation of unique artificial names, which have no concrete meaning and are not yet in the dictionary (at most by chance).

Super name generator for invented company names

Only the Super Name Generator provides so many artistic name ideas.

Random Word Inspiration

This generator delivers a wild mixture of words from different topics: clothespin, longing, Antigua, cypress, deep sea... The goal of the whole thing is to get on entirely new tracks and think an entire corner further to get fresh ideas for a particularly fancy name.

Individual Word Inspiration

As with the generator "Word-Inspiration Random", you can expect a wild mixture of words from the most diverse subject areas, which you probably can't associate with the respective project, which is also intentional. To get back to the project, each random word is combined with your selected keyword. This is how the craziest combinations come about - guaranteed unique in any industry!

1-Click Keyword Finisher

It is a great tool to let a central keyword be extended in different ways to attractive names. To mention this humbly: The 1-Click Keyword Finisher might be the best company name generator to get the fastest diverse name ideas.

Name generator for suffixes and prefixes

That's how easy it is to come up with quick name ideas. Here, with "Flower" as an example keyword

Abbreviation Genius

In contrast to the other abbreviation generators in the NameRobot tools, things are even more colorful here. Keywords are not only shortened to a name according to a single scheme, always by the first letter, for example. Here, the first letter of one word, the first syllable of another word and the first two letters of another word are used, and then everything is combined into one word/name. This way, you are guaranteed to notice a potentially exciting abbreviation or even an acronym.

Multi-word-Fusion Generator

Unlike our other word merging generators, here, merging is done simultaneously according to different patterns. So, single syllables of different words can be remixed, or two words are elegantly connected at an appropriate place. Or a little bit of one word and a little bit of the other word is "eaten away" before both are married. The new supertool outshines almost every generator for portmanteaus (even our own!).

Compound Words Generator

Composites are nothing more than two words put together. Thus, "strawberries" and "cake" become strawberry cake, and "fry" and "pan" become frying pan. There are also countless examples in the world of brand names, such as "Facebook", "Head & Shoulders" or "Fitbit". The Compound Words Generator goes one step further and combines the words either unchanged (fry pan), grammatically revised (frying pan) or with different characters in between ("strawberries & cake").

Voucher for Toolbox Premium

For all of you who feel like trying out the new super tools, we have a 50% coupon code. Attention: the 50% is valid indefinitely during the subscription period (Premium Plan)! Redeemable until 11/15/2023 at the latest.

Code: supernamegenerator23

Redeemable in the NameRobot Toolbox.

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