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The quick and easy way to find the right name for your new company. Find out what the advantages of using NameRobot are for people just starting out with a new business.


Online business naming tools for start-ups and founders

Are you setting up a new company and looking for a name? Or perhaps you are a freelancer getting started and want a name for your activity that stands out and sets you apart from the competition. If you’re unsure about how to go about choosing a name, or don’t feel you have enough time to devote to it, then read on. Our professional online business name generators will help you out.

Starting your own business can be stressful. Whether you're building a brand new start-up, want to get started as a freelancer or open a retail store - it feels like you have to tackle 101 projects simultaneously. And one of the most important of them is finding a name for your business.

Ironically, this one actually needs sufficient time and leisure or a decent budget, but we know from experience that these are exactly the ressources that people starting a business tend to lack. Fortunately, there's NameRobot, where entrepreneurs and businesspeople can find ideas for start-up names with a simple online software and then check them immediately.

NameRobot will help you to find the right name for your start-up or your business with our professional business name generators both quickly and simply – and our Starter membership is priced at an attractive level for those just starting out.

Found your start-up with the right name

Before you can really get started as a freelancer or a company, you need a good name. Then again, in the early stages of setting up in business, you probably have a whole lot of other concerns, and you might be unsure about how to actively start looking for a name for your company or activity.

So just how do you go about developing naming ideas for yourself, and how do you decide which one to go with? NameRobot has some answers. We are ready to help people like you who are in the process of setting up a company or want to go into self-employment with helpful tools and step-by-step guides to the naming process.

Naming takes time: try not to rush

nameEven if you can hardly wait to start your business, you should take a step back, take a deep breath, and spend some time thinking about your naming options.

If you make the right decision now, you could have a great name that will see you and your business through the next twenty or thirty years. If you look at it like this, taking a week to find one doesn’t seem so out of proportion, does it?

So we recommend: set one week aside and use it to find the right name.

Generate names quickly with NameRobot

The right name will get your business off to the right start. If you’re quick, you can use the NameRobot Starter membership and have a week’s use of the full range of helpful name-finding tools. They will surely help you find the name you want.

Simple steps to find your start-up name

If you’re not a naming professional, you might not know quite where or how to start your search for a star-tup name. It’s nothing other than the classic “blank piece of paper” problem which writers often have, and NameRobot has a solution: it breaks down the process of finding a business name into several steps and guides you through them.

Brainstorming tools for new businesses Easy to use

People starting out with a new business need inspiration, whether in the form of crazy ideas, funny rhymes or telling anagrams.

NameRobot’s Wordshop is just the right place to find this inspiration and get suggestions based on relevant keywords, giving you the effect of a brainstorming session without needing an entire team of colleagues – and without having to bother friends, neighbours or grandmothers to help in your naming efforts!

Just trust NameRobot to work with you.

Automatic name generators

Once you’ve got a range of ideas from the Wordshop, it’s time to take them to the Name Factory and throw on the assembly conveyer belt for start-up names. Watch as the factory churns out original suggestion after original suggestion at the touch of a button: it’s faster and more productive than even a whole team of people.

The Name Factory uses only your personal keywords which you entered or discovered before. This means that all suggestions will be personalised to you and your business. Whether you want a more classic or a weird and wacky name, there will be something there for you – all you need to do is to pick your favourites.

Help finding just the right name

NameRobot's tools help people going into business to select the right name from the range of suggestions made. They allow you to check whether your favorite name idea is viable, using domain checks and automatic searches in several national and international trademark registers to see whether the name is still available.

NameRobot’s extra hint: Please remember that directories are always sorted alphabetically. Pick a name that begins with a letter early in the alphabet!

Business name generators for start-ups and founders

NameRobot offers a whole range of name generators that can be of particular use to people starting out in business.

Our experience shows that the following tools are especially fast at finding original start-up names that sound good:

  • Brainstorm – This is a simple all-round tool that helps you get completely fresh ideas and inspiration.
  • Supplementer – By adding suitable endings to your keywords, the supplementer is a powerful generator of surprising, fresh-sounding names. It is absolutely ideal if you really want to keep a specific word in your name.
  • Fantaziser – This naming tool churns out completely made-up names and can be set to different degrees of creativity. Whatever the setting, it is guaranteed to offer exotic names and is ideal for online start-ups.

Test NameRobot for free. Just register and start looking for names using the Wordshop tools for finding inspiration.

Looking for creative name ideas?

With your NameRobot company name generator you can find the desired name for your business.

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