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Generate names for products and projects in your company. You can even get NameRobot in your corporate design.


Online business naming tools for companies

Does your company regularly have to name new products, projects or initiatives? Or perhaps your company needs a name for newly set-up subsidiaries or following a merger? In any case, you will need software that can help you to document ideas and manage several naming projects at once.


As a company, at first you only need one name - the name of your company or business. At first. Because it doesn't stop there. Maybe, for some reason, a new company name is needed. Or you introduce new products, add new arms to your business, or start planning other projects. All of them have one thing in common: they need a good name!

But before you disappear for days or weeks on your quest for a new name, before you start wasting your time in meetings or hiring expensive consultants, just use this practical solution first: find the perfect name for your needs with NameRobot.

NameRobot can help you with all of this, offering professional and comprehensive name-generation tools that will help you find countless original suggestions for naming products and projects. Check out our pricing page for attractive subscription plans, e.g. our Professional membership.

Finding names for your products and projects

Get name-finding at your company off to a flying start with NameRobot: the time you save using our intelligent name generators will boost your company productivity in the long term, and the step-by-step format of the NameRobot method means that your staff will always know where they are in the name-finding process.

Get inspiration for product and project names

The Wordshop tools will help you get inspiration whenever you need it. Why not try them as a supplement to team brainstorms? The tools with not only offer words for your thematic areas, but also rhymes, synonyms, translations and anagrams.

Just select the most promising tools and be prepared for a pleasant surprise when you see the results.

Intelligent name generators for products and projects Product letters

The Name Factory will give you a range of name suggestions for your product or project in a simple and easy-to-use way, drawing on a wide variety of methods to produce names.

Sophisticated settings options allow you to configure NameRobot individually to suit your needs. If you have time, you can change the settings and compare results, but if the deadline is getting close, just trust the default setting and get ideas for your naming project at the click of a button.

Check your naming ideas

The domain and trademark check functions make it easy for you to research your choices and find out whether they are viable. At the click of a mouse, you can find out whether there are still top-level-domains available for your chosen names, and see whether your favourite – or a similar name – is already registered as a trademark.

There are even more checks available to search through search engines, app stores and more.

Optimising internal name-finding processes in companies

There lots of companies who are regularly faced with finding names for products, projects, and other initiatives. But because name-finding is a creative process, finding new names in a professional context can often become somewhat chaotic.

If two members of staff are working together to name something, it can quickly become difficult to keep track of where they are, and documenting the ideas that have already been inputted into a project or collecting good suggestions can become a real challenge. NameRobot can help you in this case.

Comfortable management tool for the naming process into the workflow

NameRobot offers your company a comfortable management interface with a set of tools to help you name products and projects quickly and successfully. If you require it, NameRobot can even be made available in your corporate design in order to integrate it fully into your company culture.

The user-friendly NameRobot interface and the stock of keywords it stores will make it easy for members of staff to communicate, and with all data centrally held in a NameRobot account, all the relevant information will be available immediately. Your processes will be optimised and resources previously used for name-finding will suddenly be free again.

Protecting your data

Despite our central data storage, your data will be protected by the most modern security equipment; data transferred from user to server is automatically encoded using SSL certificates.

SSL is also used for all personal information. Anyone who wants to can extend SSL encoding to all other areas – e.g. directly to tools. For any further information, please check our privacy policy.

The best name generators for companies

NameRobot offers a whole range of name generators that can be of particular use to companies.

Our experience shows that the following tools are especially fast at finding original names within companies that sound good:

  • Combinator – Combine a range of keywords to form a completely new word. Generate lots of suggestions for product or project names in just a few seconds.
  • Domain check – At the click of a mouse, you can test which suggestions have top level domains available and purchase them directly.
  • Trademark check  – You are just one click away from knowing whether your favourite name is already registered as a trademark. The search will not just test for the exact name, but also for related brands, giving you a good overview of the usability of your idea and meaning that your lawyer won’t need to get  involved just jet…

Test NameRobot for free. Just register and start looking for names using the Wordshop tools for finding inspiration.


Looking for creative name ideas?

With your NameRobot company name generator you can find the desired name for your business.

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