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To eat in order to satisfy the hunger or for mere pleasure – the direction is clear in numerous food blogs. Everything is about creativity and making of new flavors. Food blog names are just as creative as the recipes.
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Computers, smartphones, and technology in general are now a part of our everyday lives. That's why more and more blogs have technology as their main focus. They present the latest developments in tech, review smartphones and recommend gadgets. Let's take a look at the names that technology bloggers have chosen for their businesses.

We live in the brands era. They rule the world. And if you would like to succeed and stand out, you need to make it exceptional. Guest author Jonathan Brahmson, entrepreneur and a creator of online project, introduces you to 3 methods to create a remarkable brand name.
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Fashion blogs are popular, and are becoming increasingly professional in their approach. The girl next door who’s interested in fashion can turn her hobby into a career via a blog, but a good fashion blog should both entertain and inform. If possible, that should start with the blog name – this should invite the user to spend time on the site.

Google wants the community's help to name the next Android version. These are the only conditions: The name has to start with the letter N and the name has to refer to a delicous, sweet treat. So let's see what ideas we can find!
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Writing a book is hard work. The story has to make sense, be told well, and grab the reader. The names, too, must fit the characters. In this case, name generators can be very useful and helpful – especially the tools from our Wordshop.