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What product names and family names have in common

Miller, Farmer, Smith: it’s unthinkable for a person to do without a surname nowadays. That wasn’t always the case, however: in the past, a simple first name was sufficient. Why did family names come into being at all? And why does it make sense to give products a name of their own?
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Being creative: names for DIY blogs

Sewing, crafting, knitting – craft-based hobbies have long since shed their dusty image. Indeed, they’ve actually become quite trendy, and many women earn good money by providing sewing patterns or writing blogs. Undoubtedly, they have built a large community that inspires many kindred spirits on a daily basis. A glance at their blog names shows that blog owners mostly opt for clear and straightforward names.
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Positive or negative: A polarizing brand name

The name is the figurehead of a company, because it is the first thing the customer comes into contact with. A brand name should be unique and attract attention. However, many companies are split in two at this point: Striking, but not too much? A few thoughts about whether it is positive or negative when the brand name polarizes.
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Drunk German Words

We Germans love our beer – and our language represents that. We found 10 drinking-related German words and translated them into English for you. Their literal translations will be quite unexpected!
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20+ Cute German Words

Did you know that the German word for "lumbago" is "Hexenschuss" which translates to "witch shot"? German is a language full of surprises. We found 20+ cute German words and translated them literally into English for you.
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Finding a Name for a Technology Blog

Computers, smartphones, and technology in general are now a part of our everyday lives. That's why more and more blogs have technology as their main focus. They present the latest developments in tech, review smartphones and recommend gadgets. Let's take a look at the names that technology bloggers have chosen for their businesses.