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Awkward Product Names

When naming a product, funny ideas will crop up here and there. It can be really embarrassing, however, when one forgets to check the other meanings a name might have in other languages. Here are a few examples.
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Naming your company: Learning from Google to call itself Alphabet

Last week, Google surprised us. The company announced that in the future all of its business segments would be gathered under the umbrella of a new holding company, "Alphabet." You can read more about the various causes for this restructuring at fusion.net. But what will the choice of a name like "Alphabet" mean for other companies and startups?
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Ice Cream Treat Names Loaded with Summertime Feelings

Vacations, summer, sunshine, and an ice cream to go with it - for quite some time classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry haven’t been the only flavors in town either. Ice cream makers are becoming bolder and are trying out strange and unconventional ice cream creations. All types of ice cream bars on a stick are popular as well. Even the names of retro ice cream favorites alone can evoke summertime memories.
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Long, unusual, abbreviated – avoid difficult names in your name search

The choice of a company name is a very important marketing decision because it is the company’s foundation. A catchy name not only saves a company money in the long run, but it also draws attention and new customers to the company. It is generally advisable to choose a business name that is simple and easy to remember. However, in some exceptional cases, even strange and unusual names can work. On what does it depend, and what should be avoided?
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Verify availability of company names

A business in its foundation phase – during this time it is necessary to take many things into consideration. Of course before a company can really get started it needs a name. In order to avoid future difficulties because a desired name is already taken, you should verify the availability of the name at the beginning. Here you will read about everything that you need to pay attention to.
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The story behind the name

Identity and company names: There’s usually a story behind the name search. Stories make a company name more vivid and give it substance. They’re also valuable to businesses if they write down the story of their company and share it with customers.