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Trademark Law FAQ

Questions and answers regarding trademark law and NameRobot's Trademark Check. Find everything you need to know about the legal side of brand names, like "What exactly is a "trademark"?, "Can you protect any name as a trademark?" or "What does a trademark registration cost?".
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Zero Waste but lots of Wordplay

"When it comes to naming, unpackaged stores are the new hairdressers," was recently reported in an article in the German "Zeit" magazine which took the witty naming of unpacked stores as a target. From funny to weird names, everything is indeed there and makes you smile at first. But do such names really contribute to making more people want to shop without packaging? We take a closer look!
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Brands and Emotions – Do brand names have to generate emotions?

What binds people emotionally to brands? How do you establish a strong, emotional brand? And what exactly does "emotional" mean in connection with brand names? Isn't it enough if the name sounds good and, in the best case, evokes positive associations? Let's take a closer look at what emotions in brand names are all about.
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What you need to know about brand names

NameRobot is primarily about the creation of names. But finding a name is not enough on its own. As an entrepreneur, you have to think further: you'll want to establish a solid brand name, and often you'll want to protect it as a trademark. On our website, we've compiled a wealth of information about brand names and trademarks. Here's an overview of our articles on brand names.
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Inspiring Names for Food Blogs

To eat so you satisfy the hunger or for mere pleasure – the direction is clear in numerous food blogs. Everything is about creativity and the making of new flavors. Food blog names often are just as creative as the recipes. Yummy!