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Robot Names - Naming Robots and Androids

NameRobot is a machine which generates names. But what about all these machines which require a name themselves? In today's name-finding blogpost, we take a look at robot names: How are robots named? Are there any similarities or patterns to be found in robot naming? And how creative are robot names? This case study aims to shed light on the robot name. Find out more about naming conventions for robots in science and fiction!
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Brand Name Generators for Name Ideas

How to come up with a creative brand name when you have no idea how this is done? With NameRobot's brand name generators, which were developed by naming experts, this task is no problem at all. We will show you what you need to consider when developing brand names, and how NameRobot's name generators can assist you in finding the right name.
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Three typical mistakes when naming a new company

Trying to find the right name for a new company or your work as a freelancer can be more annoying than anything else. In theory, it’s just a question of arranging a few letters in a row – in theory. But it's more complicated than that. In this article, we describe some of the pitfalls of choosing a name for a new business that are definitely not known to a wider audience. So in this article, we’d like to describe some of the pitfalls of choosing a name for a new business that are definitely not known to a wider audience.

Fantasy Words as Business Names – Pros and Cons

There is no one perfect name for a start-up. When looking for a name, however, start-ups with international ambitions are well advised to take a closer look at made-up fantasy names with no inherent meaning. They offer advantages over descriptive names - provided they meet certain criteria.
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Naming Programming Languages: From Acronyms to Porn Stars

The naming of programming languages does not follow clear rules. Not all names are super-hip, but have an underlying meaning and follow a certain logic. They can also be very creative and sometimes even really funny. We are crossing half the alphabet and the world of proper names.