How to decide on a name

A name change is always an exciting process. Whether in small businesses, startups, or larger company contexts, how the “baby” is renamed is an emotional issue that somehow concerns everyone in the company. This makes it all the more difficult to decide on the new name — and the subsequent introduction and acceptance. In the final part of our renaming series, you will find suggestions as to what you can do to get all decision-makers and employees on board.

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Part 3: Renaming - The Decision

After extensive consideration, discussion, and selection of favorites, there are still several candidates in the race for the name change, and a decision must be made. In a larger group of decision-makers, it is recommended that all the favorite names be printed out and attached to different walls. These can then be evaluated with a "points" system (e.g. green/red or three points per participant).

Why? In this way, all participants, even those who may not dare to speak up in a larger group, in front of superiors or during a heated discussion get a chance to vote for their favorite name. For this purpose, one can also make a completely anonymous evaluation by not displaying the names for the group, or by collecting votes in writing. For example, if the boss has already selected his favorite, the hierarchy is successfully leveraged.


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The second look

Anyone who has the time, should, in any case - preferably within the same circle of decision-makers - have the names evaluated again after one, two, or more days.

Why? In the meantime, amazing things have happened in the minds and a first "habituation" with the new names has already taken place. The results of the second meeting are often very different from the first spontaneous impression and should be considered accordingly. 

Tip: When deciding on names, we recommend that the entire workforce does not make a democratic decision. Even if this sounds very open and grassroots democratic, not everyone from the workforce knows all the requirements and backgrounds and can therefore only express their taste subjectively. This does not really help with the decision (see blog post part 2: "How to lead a name discussion").

Also, in mass surveys, usually only the lowest common denominator comes out, which is rarely the most exciting or novel proposal. "Harmless" names, preferably with a high descriptive content, are often the result. Not the best starting position for a unique brand.

Get everyone on board

Even if not all employees were involved in the decision for the new name, they have to live with it from now on. Therefore, before introducing the new name, you should gather the staff and explain why you were looking for a new name, what hurdles were overcome (see the series part 1 "How to prepare a name change") and why this name is now the absolute champion. Combined with an "unveiling" for the new brand, the employees get an impression of what has been considered to reach the new name. This reduces reservations and facilitates identification with the new name.

=> And no matter which name at the end of the renaming race makes it through, it will always take a little while until everyone has gotten used to it and the name quickly becomes routine!

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