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The name finding service for businesses

Experienced naming pros develop first-rate naming proposals. Select your rate, complete a questionnaire, and the FlyingNames team will get to work.

The smart naming tool for business founders and startups

The intelligent name finding assistant will provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you find a great name for your business. Utterly simple and simply clever.

Name finding solutions for anyone who wants to be creative

Find your favorite name generators and specify the kind of name suggestions you want. Refine all settings to reflect your tastes precisely.

New help for language allocation in tools

The help section in the tools has been extended and now contains as extensive FAQ section on language allocation for words in NameRobot.

Each word in NameRobot is flagged as belonging to a certain language, and a word's language has several implications. Finding a name with NameRobot can successfully be carried out without further understanding of the language allocation process. However, users who want to look a little deeper behind the scenes nonetheless can now take a look at an extensive help section on the topic which has recently been added.

FAQ for language allocation

In the FAQ we answer questions such as:

  • What do the flags next to the words in the Word Depot and in the tools mean?
  • What does the gray flag next to the words in the tools mean?
  • Why does my word automatically get flagged as English/German/undefined?
  • How is a word's language assigned in the Word Depot?
  • How is a word's language assigned in the tools?
  • Can I change the language of a word manually?
  • Where can I change my project language?
  • Where can I change the interface language?

How language allocation works

Language allocation FAQ When you register with NameRobot on the English website and start using the naming tools, your project language will automatically be set to English. This affects for example keywords which exist in several languages, such as "Internet". The keyword automatically gets the project language, and thus is flagged with a British flag.

This language allocation is important because different grammar rules are used, depending on the language. NameRobot takes care of the whole allocation process and flags all words ​​automatically. You can change the language of a word or of the whole project at any time with just a few clicks.

Click here for the FAQ on language allocation

You can find the FAQ on language allocation in NameRobot's tools in the help section under "Administration" --> "Language allocation for keywords". You can access the help section by clicking "Help" / the magnifying glass in the top center of the service menu in the tools, or by clicking on "More tips" in any tool.

To enter the tools you need to be logged in with your NameRobot account. If you do not have a NameRobot account yet, you can register here for free.

You can look at the contents of the FAQ here.

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