Due to maintenance work and a server change, there may be temporary failures in the NameRobot tools and on the website on April 17 until approx. 3:00 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

As our new tool Namefruits will be launched shortly, the server structure and capacities will be adapted and expanded. Nothing changes regarding the use of NameRobot.

Thank you for your understanding.


Further News:
  1. 08/08/18 – 16:17: Check business names online – with NameScore
  2. 06/05/18 – 22:00: Namefruits: Interview with CEO Mark Leiblein
  3. 04/15/18 – 22:00: Server Maintenance April 17
  4. 04/25/17 – 22:00: Simply order your name with FlyingNames
  5. 03/12/17 – 23:00: Big Supplementer update

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