Dear NameRobot users, dear Name Searchers and Finders, The big update is complete, and, from now on, you will be using NameRobot in a new design. A lot has changed, both on stage and behind the scenes.

By the way: as a small "thank you", all NameRobot users with active premium memberships receive additional three days access to their memberships for free.

Revised design

This is the first thing you will notice: the new NameRobot website looks more modern and fresh than before. Our content section has undergone a complete graphical relaunch:

New mascot

Our mascot Namero has grown up and got a graphical upgrade to version 2.0. Namero will now accompany you through the NameRobot website with fresh looks and his ecological letter rocket engines. ;)

Mobile optimization thanks to responsive design

You can now enjoy NameRobot in the highest quality from mobile decives. Thanks to our responsive design, all content, i.e. menu items, texts and graphics, are matched to the device you are using. Whether on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, NameRobot's contents will always look their best for you.

New order process

Also, the order process has been redesigned and completely renewed. The payment methods have also been improved. Placing an order with NameRobot is now more comfortable and more convenient, and thanks to our revised product structure, it is also easier to find out which membership suits you perfectly.


The content on the NameRobot website has also been optimized. This makes it easier for you to gather all the information necessary for your project.

Optimized menu structure

We have rearranged our content and made the structure more logical. The three main menu items NameRobot, Products and Naming provide a lot of information in a clear layout. The NameRobot item allows you to learn more about the portal and the possibilities we offer. In Products, we inform you about our services, memberships and prices. And the Naming section provides general and specific information on naming.

New videos in the tools

We strive to make NameRobot's tools and name generators as intuitive and easy to use as possible. This is why you can now find short how-to videos for most tools which show you how to use them at a glance. You can find the videos by clicking on the small blue camera in the lower left corner of each tool.

Revised message window

The message window has also been redesigned and now offers a better overview of NameRobot's messages. It provides all information, status updates and error messages at a glance.

Technical stuff

From a technical point of view, NameRobot has made a leap forward. The internal changes are not necessarily visible immediately, but they have made NameRobot fit for the future.

Reprogramming of project administration

The project administration has been completely reprogrammed to make it more stable. As a user, you probably won't notice anything new, because all functionalities have stayed the same. The format for exported and imported project is the only thing that has changed visibly. Of course, backward compatibility is guaranteed, so you can still continue to import your old project files.

Reprogramming the keywords

The internal keyword management has also been rewritten, which has prepared NameRobot's Word Depot for future updates. We'll add clever features which will help you better manage your keywords soon.

Numerous minor bug fixes

To improve NameRobot, we are steadily fixing minor bugs which may occur over time by adding new features. The bugs fixed in recent weeks include, for example, incorrect status messages, problems with queries in the BlackBerry Store in the AppCheck, or incorrect time stamps for some error messages.

We hope you like the new NameRobot portal as much as we do. Be prepared for more improvements, updates and upgrades soon!

Further News:
  1. 11/21/13 – 23:00: Updated Rhymes tool: new logic and six different rhyme types
  2. 11/19/13 – 23:00: New help for language allocation in tools
  3. 10/24/13 – 22:00: NameRobot's new design
  4. 10/23/13 – 22:00: A thank you to all NameRobot premium users
  5. 10/21/13 – 12:25: NameRobot will be offline for a few hours on 25/10/2013

Naming services

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