Dear NameRobot users, NameRobot is preparing for a major update in the coming days.

We have completely redesigned the site graphically and optimized it for mobile use, changed lots of little things and made major improvements behind the scenes to allow for future development of the tools.

This means that, NameRobot will go offline for a few hours on 25/10/2013 at 6 AM CEST. During this time, we will upload the new version and get it running. This process may take up to 24 hours as we want to ensure that everything works smoothly after the update. Once we are back online, we will inform you immediately via a news post and our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

After the relaunch, all NameRobot services will be back as usual. We'll tell you more about the contents of the update here on our site in a few days.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope that you will like NameRobot's new look.


Your NameRobot team

Further News:
  1. 10/24/13 – 22:00: NameRobot's new design
  2. 10/23/13 – 22:00: A thank you to all NameRobot premium users
  3. 10/21/13 – 12:25: NameRobot will be offline for a few hours on 25/10/2013
  4. 09/11/13 – 22:00: New Trademark Check for your name research
  5. 08/08/13 – 22:00: Test NameRobot's business name generators

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