New languages, improvements for Modulizer tool, improved message box and a lot of bugfixes

At NameRobot, there's always something going on behind the scenes. We are constantly working on making our naming tools easier to use and more powerful, and fix the occasional bug in the process.

Namerobot Bugfixing With today's update, NameRobot's Modulizer tool becomes even more easy to use. Our naming experts revisited the rules of what happens where, when and how while using the tool and improved them. These changes make the Modulizer more easy to use and it enables the tool to provide better results when optimizing your names.

We also met a wish of many users: The translation tool has been equipped with two additional languages ​​and now allows to translate words into Latin and the constructed language Esperanto. Both languages ​​are particularly well suited to find names for international projects or companies. We also fixed a bug in the languages tool which caused a wrong or no translation at all for certain words.

The message box that gives NameRobot's users helpful information used to be a bit intrusive at times. So we put it in a less prominent position on the left side of the screen where it is easy to spot but does not impede your workflow. A click on the toolbar to the left opens a history of all messages which can now be filtered by topic.

The main menu on NameRobot's website was also altered a little and will now follow you when you scroll down. This makes all of NameRobot's contents accessible for you wherever you are on the site.

Last but not least, Peat, NameRobot's newest team member, applied his programming skills and fixed a good amount of small and bigger bugs. We additionally improved NameRobot's error handling to give more helpful messages when something goes wrong.

Further News:
  1. 01/09/13 – 14:36: Bug fix update january 2013
  2. 12/11/12 – 23:00: Minor update before Christmas 2012
  3. 11/01/12 – 23:00: NameRobot's october update
  4. 06/26/12 – 22:00: Language tools for creatives
  5. 06/06/12 – 08:46: New Social Media Check for name finders

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