Just before Christmas, we can present you with a minor update for NameRobot. What changes were made to the NameRobot portal?

Namerobot Bugfixing On our homepage, you can now find a video that gives a brief introduction to the naming process and explains how NameRobot can help with the development of names.

You can also find a poll on the NameRobot homepage on the topic of finding business names. With the results, we aim to understand your situation better so we can optimize NameRobot's tools for your needs.

In terms of performance, NameRobot now runs more smoothly. We also improved loading times for all NameRobot tools and optimized their package dependencies, so you won't encounter any loading errors anymore. NameRobot was also optimzed to run more stable on older browsers.

A bug in the navigation was fixed for mobile users, so you can also surf the NameRobot site easily from your smartphone or tablet.

The Modulizer, a Name Factory tool, can now cope better with umlauts. Now you can enjoy playing with words containing Äs, Ös and Üs even more.

Further News:
  1. 02/20/13 – 11:01: Frequently asked questions online
  2. 01/09/13 – 14:36: Bug fix update january 2013
  3. 12/11/12 – 23:00: Minor update before Christmas 2012
  4. 11/01/12 – 23:00: NameRobot's october update
  5. 06/26/12 – 22:00: Language tools for creatives

Naming services

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