The rules-algorithms within our name generators have been reconfigured and several tools have now got some sleek new settings. You have to try them out!

Which name shall I get for you: "universal," or perhaps, "exotic"?

All intensively familiarized users of our Fantasizer have probably noticed it by now. So far, there has been a choice between the "universal" and "special" settings. Now, "general" and "exotic" are brand new additions. The results either appear more natural or more exotic, depending on the choice. With "special," you can still enter up to three letters that should appear in the suggested names.

Hint: Even in the quick tools, there's a tab labeled "Fancy Names," where further terms can be generated.

Supplement it ... but with style, please.


Even the Supplementer has profited from our recent improvements and serves up users with the additional "Alliteration" setting, which ought to please copywriters and style-fans alike.

Alliterations are words that begin with identical phonemes, therefore sounding notably quaint; when dealing with the same letters, they're even quaint in appearance.

Rumor has it that alliterative names are especially easy to remember - an advantage for business and product names. Such examples are "CurryKings" or "Cola Company."

Shake it! Mix it! Merge it!

And now, on further to a naming tool that's quite a favorite among many users: the Merger. Here, we've tightened up a bit within the "Syllable-Mixer" setting and added the "Experimental Mode" as an extra option. In here, literally all syllable combinations based on selected keywords get jumbled up. I.e., not even one potential "supername" will pass you by, albeit many combinations will of course ... well, appear experimental. To keep things from getting too wild, you can limit the possibility of up to three, four or five syllables being merged.

Also, the quick tools were improved. On the one hand, suggested names have become somewhat tighter, thus being more natural in look and feel as well as sound. Lastly, three completely new sub-tools have joined in: "Varied Names," "Supermix-Names" and "Extra merged Names."

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