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We bring clarity to your name search: NameRobot's tips for the perfect name for your company or product.


Business Name Development Tips

Creating a business name is not always easy and can be overwhelming. But sometimes you don't want to delve deeply into the theory of crafting the prefect company name, but just need a few poignant suggestions and name development tips.

So without further ado, here are NameRobot's top tips on how to develop business and product names:

  Descriptive vs. fantastic

Descriptive name or fantasy name for your business? Here are the pro's and con's of invented names.

  Fantasy names are great!

Advantages of fantasy names for businesses: flexibility, branding easily possible, can be used internationally.

  Google ranking vs. flexibility:

Descriptive company name or not? Pro: Good for your Google ranking. Contra: boring and inflexible.

  Descriptive company names offer advantages!

A descriptive company name can be beneficial for your Google ranking. Search engines love keywords in the domain.

  Keep it short!

When creating a business name, avoid using more than three words: It only encourages people to abbreviate it.

  Mind the strapline!

Name and strapline: Combine a descriptive company name with an emotional strapline – and vice versa.

  First things first

Finding a business name: 1. Collect ideas 2. Develop names 3. Finetune names 4. Check names 5. Choose the best

  Define your priorities!

Each business name has different priorities: easy to remember, unique, meaningful, suitable for SEO, free domains...

  Say something about yourself!

Your business name is part of your personality. Evoke associations which fit your company's profile!

  Use storytelling!

Have a story to tell about your business name: A nice ancdote regarding your name's history will be remembered.

  Careful with abbreviations!

Abbreviations can be tricky as brand names: brand development is more difficult than with a more emotional name.

  Avoid special characters!

Better avoid special characters in your business name – otherwise you always have to explain the spelling.

  Think about pronunciation!

Uncommon pronunciation of company and product names might be interesting as an "ear catcher" - but be mindful when using it.

  Don't make it too long!

Applies to both company and product names: The longer the name, the less space you have when tweeting.

  Mind the length!

Business names with a length of less than ten characters and with two syllables are considered ideal.

  Don't be a copycat!

Avoid the me-too-trap with your business name: Avoid prefixes like i-, my- and you(r) and suffixes like -plus.

...and even more business naming tips

We've put together a few more helpful naming tips for you:

Test for understandability

Is your name idea easily understandable? Test it for acoustic robustness by talking about it on the phone.

Check for hidden words

Even euphonic name ideas like „Vivanus“ can contain unexpectedly dingy parts. Better look twice before choosing a name!

Mind the me-too-trap for your TLD

Choose the name for your top level domain carefully: -and-co, -online or -24 are interchangeable and boring.

Don't be too specific

Keeping your business name a bit vague is often a good idea. You can adapt better to changes in the market later.

Think about the future

Changing your business name after a few years is worse than investing a few days or weeks more in the beginning.

Your business is your baby

Give your new project the perfect start in life - with a carefully chosen name that you love.

Consider pronunciation

When you come up with a business name, ask yourself: Will everyone know how to pronounce your name?

Don't forget other languages

Make sure your business name doesn't mean something embarrassing in a different language when creating a name.

Consider domain names

Don't underestimate the importance of the right domain name for your business! Don't overestimate it either.

Can't decide which name idea is best?

Ask for opinions when looking for a name! Friends, colleagues, random strangers... But don't let them decide for you.

Let it sink in

If you found a name: Don't think about it for some time. If you still like it after a few days: Go for it!

Take your time

Invest time in developing your business name and don't make any rash decisions. You won't regret it later.

Dare to be subjective

Don't underestimate the importance of "simply liking" your business name. You will have to live with it!

Looking for creative name ideas?

With your NameRobot company name generator you can find the desired name for your business.

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