Five Naming mistakes – and how to avoid them

The idea, the start-up concept or product is is in place, everything is ready to start - and then you "just need the right name" to really get going! But what if no name idea really takes off? Or all the good names are already gone, the comrades-in-arms can't agree on anything, and on top of that, time is running out? We'll show you the five biggest pitfalls in finding a name - and solutions on how to find the right name for your company or product after all.

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The five most common naming mistakes


Finding a name can present you with major challenges. The idea, concept or product is in place, friends and family are excited, but then come the questions you don't want to hear: "Do you have a name yet?", "What do you call your company?", "Have you thought of anything yet?". But what if no idea comes to your mind easily? What if nothing is satisfactory - nothing fits right, nothing is good enough and time is also pressing? We want to show you the five biggest traps in finding a name - and how you can avoid falling into them.


1. All in One, Please!

Who doesn't know it? The name should be modern. But also a bit timeless. "I always liked the typical names from the 70s!" And best of all, it should embody everything the company stands for. Values, products, industry and much more. Trying to squeeze too much into the new name at once is one of the main problems on the way to the perfect name. It is hardly possible to combine everything and fulfill all individual small and large wishes equally..

Solution: Set priorities! Which value, which characteristic is most important and what should the name embody in any case? A clear (narrowed down) goal helps to find a way.


2. One word must be enough!?

The "one-word trend" can become another challenge. Names like "Apple" or "Lime" sound great, modern, hip and are memorable. Actually perfect for a name, but all the more difficult to find such a single cool word and implement it for your own company. Can people really identify with it? Does such a name fit my activity or the target group I want to address? Am I allowed to use the word at all?


Solution: Don't limit yourself! It's better not to specify at first how the name should be exactly, whether it should be shorter or longer, consist of one or two words - or even be a completely invented fantasy name. Collect here calmly many different and also longer names - they can be still shortened or changed in the second step.


3. One, two or three?

Decisions are difficult. Especially if a name should offer security on the one hand, but be hip and special on the other hand. When you read names like "Buah", "monster" or "kununu", you naturally wonder what exactly they are supposed to be. For better or worse, there is a risk that one or the other will remark that this actually has nothing to do with what the company does. So rather an descriptive name? Or a name consisting of the business and the Surname like „Miller's Garage“?

Solution: Don't let yourself get confused! Make decisions and be courageous at the right moment - because an entrepreneur is never protected from this and it is best to start right away. Whether the name should be young and modern or safe and serious depends on many factors and on whom you want to reach. First of all, keep all possibilities in mind and don't let yourself be influenced too much by other opinions.


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4. Too many, too few, what now?

Too many cooks spoil the broth, too few don't get it right. Or something like that. Or something like that. Because whether you are searching for names alone or with 50 helpers - both can be really difficult. If you're alone, there's no one to give you feedback and help stimulate your creativity. A single person will always be unsure of himself and will not come to a decision for a name. On the other hand, too many helpers are often problematic and do not simplify the decision. "This one sounds funny", "This one sounds too deliberate", "This one reminds me of my evil neighbor". Whether names are liked, sound nice or not, is unfortunately always subjective.

Solution: Bring in a handful of consultants who know the vision and follow your own wishes. Better a few good consultants than too many or none at all. Also: Ask your helpers which name best fits the main goal, or which name best fits this or that criterion, rather than asking for personal taste.


5. Too much pressure

"I just need a name, and I need it by tomorrow!“ That's often how the name search goes, or something like that. But why save the most important thing for last? The name is the figurehead with which a customer is first confronted. A ready-made concept is useless if you don't have a name to market it under. It is better to plan time for name brainstorming right from the start than to end up under pressure. But what if the child has already fallen into the well and the notary appointment or the company registration is pending?

Solution: Take enough time anyway! There should be no compromises when it comes to the name. It's better to take a week or two longer - and come up with a name that is well thought out. It would be worse to make a compromise that is no good in the long run and risk having to change the name after one or two years.


So, all in all, we can state: The name has priority. First the name, then everything else you need to get the project off the ground. It may take longer to find the perfect name. But it's all the nicer when it's finally there and fits in the long run. Because taking time for creativity is always worth it!

And now: Have fun, take your time and persevere with the name search, where our tools for name finding support you.


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