How to start a naming a business

Naming is a huge thing: No matter which project are working on – the name has to be fitting. There is one problem: A business name has to fulfill several criteria. It should sound great, be easy to remember, and of course be unique.

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It might sound easy to find a name for something. But everyone who has done this before will tell you how hard it can be. It might take a long time to find the perfect name. This is why we wrote this short instruction for you: It shows you how to start a naming and how the tools from NameRobot can help you with it.


Step 1: Write down all important aspects

A lot of people have problems with starting a naming. They are looking at a blank paper and don´t know how to write down the chaos in their head.

You should remember to stay calm and not to pressure yourself. It takes some time to find a fitting name. You have to accept this challenge to find the perfect name in the end. So try to stay patient.

If you don´t know how to start then try this: Write down all aspects that are important for your name. This can be:

  • The style: Do you want a serious name? Or would you prefer a creative or funny name?
  • The sound: Do you need a strict name? Or could a soft and warm name be better?
  • The length: Do you want a short or a longer name?
  • The language: Do you want an English name? Think about names in other languages or even a fantasy name.

These are just a few examples. Think about all the aspects that are important for your name. Try to think about your future customers and what they might like. The name should fit your product but also attract your customers.


Step 2: Collect ideas and get some inspiration

You already started the naming by writing down the important aspects. While doing that you might have discovered some fresh ideas or other important things. Remember: Finding a naming is a dynamic process. There is no right or wrong and you can´t plan it. No matter how you do it: It is good and you will find a good name sooner or later.

Start with brainstorming and write down all your ideas. Try to collect them in one place. This can be a poster, a whiteboard or a software. Chose the method that you like the most.

During the naming process you might find different inspirations. This can be your rivals, an advertisement or a picture. A lot of people also get inspired when they spent some time in nature. Don´t pressure yourself and wait patiently until you find great ideas.

If you can´t find any inspiration or have writer´s block then you might use one of our name generators. We offer naming tools for different name styles: look for a word fusion, an invented name, or cool rhymes.



Step 3: Evaluate your ideas and sort them out

You should stop collecting ideas after a while and start to sort them out. Try to focus on three to five different ideas.

If you need help with that then you might let NameScore evaluate your ideas. You fill in the name and you will get a detailed report about it. It evaluates the sound, if it has chances to rank on Google and if it is available.


Step 4: Test your name

Did you found the perfect name? Then the naming is done and you can start developing your business. You can show the name your friends if you want to. They can tell you if they like it or not. Try to find people that could be your clients and ask them about their opinion on your name. Before you start to print your business papers you should get in touch with future customers.

Have a successful start with your new name!

Looking for creative name ideas?

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