Name-finding for companies

Does your company regularly have to name new products, projects or initiatives? Or perhaps your company needs a name for newly set-up subsidiaries or following a merger? In any case, you will need software that can help you to document ideas and manage several naming projects at once.

As a company, at first you only need one name - the name of your company or business. At first. Because it doesn't stop there. Maybe, for some reason, a new company name is needed. Or you introduce new products, add new arms to your business, or start planning other projects. All of them have one thing in common: they need a good name!

But before you disappear for days or weeks on your quest for a new name, before you start wasting your time in meetings or hiring expensive consultants, just use this practical solution first: find the perfect name for your needs with NameRobot.

NameRobot can help you with all of this, offering professional and comprehensive name-generation tools that will help you find countless original suggestions for naming products and projects. Check out our pricing page for attractive subscription plans, e.g. our Professional membership.